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Parched on Beauty and Sex… it’s time for me to confess…

I’m one of those people who critically analyze everything, everyone and CERTAINLY popular culture.

I’ve been this way for years–even before starting the Parched novels. And all the details and the world construction is born from my critical look at the world around us.

Let me start by saying that today’s culture has become so SUPERFICIAL that it gives me gag reflex on a daily basis. Ever watch an episode of the Wendy Williams Show? I mean that lady is SO superficial. It’s as if being “beautiful” is the creme de la creme and what’s so damaging is that she has someone in front of the audience encouraging them to clap whenever she says something completely ignorant, which is all the time. Those claps mean, I agree and what she’s saying is the reason why women are way more insecure and people are just trying to get more, more, more without considering the consequences.

(Ah–ummmm…) Take a moment. Breathe. Relax. 

I’m going to try to contain myself as I write this post. Because believe me, the subject of this post makes me want to blow a lid.

I think I’m ready to continue…

Anyway, so, when I started writing Misty Black and then Clarity, I started with this notion of female characters being beautiful to the eye but rejecting the social/cultural signifiers and all those who wanted to put them on the top tier because of it. See…. Every time I read a book today or a see a TV show or a movie for women it’s alway about a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful but everyone else does and stares at her and hates her for it. Well… I wanted to attack that notion. Attack it! But be meek but wise. However, I didn’t want to do it in the form of  binaries. You know what I mean? Beautiful/Ugly. Skinny/ Fat. I wanted to stay within the signifier–in this case, beautiful. AndI I wanted to reflect our culture for real. This is the reason why I gave Clarity the power to see past the surface, or superficial.

Starting to make sense now???? 😉

See… what I’ve done, agents and publishers would never want to do. I promise you. As soon as Parched starts, I attack that notion of beauty. Clarity is experiencing their superficialness and she’s rejecting it. But what’s different is that she’s not unaware about how she’s seen by others, and yet and still, she rejects it by taking a dismissive attitude without being aloof. It’s uncomfortable to read, I know. Listen, I KNEW, exactly what I was doing. And kudos to all the readers who stuck with the series past that uncomfortable beginning. Because I think you’ve been rewarded. I mean, all the readers know how Clarity looks, and since all the sisters are practically clones of each other, I don’t have to harp on looks. I can focus on their personalities and how the vampire bonds are falling in love with WHO they are not what they look like. I think that’s more real for most people. You want to know why? Because in real life, SANE men RUN AWAY from those beautiful women who have bought into the superficial idea that they have no value past what’s on the outside. I call it the Kim Kardashian DUH syndrome.

And I’m not excusing myself by no means–because after all, I am human. It is easier to write attractive characters. It’s easy to stay interested in them. I think there’s something in humans that love beauty. Notice toddlers, how they’ll fix their eyes on beautiful people all the time. And they haven’t been taught the signifiers, the cultural rules of beauty. I really think it’s in us to be woo’d by what’s appealing. You know I have this whole theory about this that I’m not going to go into.  Although I will say that my idea of beauty is very expansive. I hope that made sense.

Now SEX in Parched.

Again. Deliberate. Warning… this part is rated R for the Puritans. Warning. I’m about to attack your beliefs. Do not read on if you want to be offended. Read on if you’re open-minded enough to understand. I’m not trying to change your mind. The hardest thing to do is to change a person who’s being continually indoctrinated mind. Plus, I would think Puritans would stop reading the series as soon as Vayle puts his fingers under Zill’s panties… 😉

It’s easy isn’t it?

I don’t have sex. I only have sex to propagate “the way God intended it.” And that makes me a good Godly and Christian person.


If you’re not enjoying orgasms, then what’s the use of having sex?

And it’s always the woman right?

See. Men, even in the those religions where they gut the clitoris right of the woman, even in those religions, the men have their orgasms. I think to make it even, they should be castrated or something. They should do some research to make it even. If she can’t have an orgasm, then he shouldn’t be able to either. God is fair in that regard. Why????

Because he equipped our bodies with the ability to have EARTH SHATTERING ORGASMS TOO!!!

Sex is more than a physical connection. It’s about a spiritual and emotional connection, and especially for women. And since I’m a woman, I’ve learned about it as a woman. Like the closeness, the penetration, the emotions, the calling of the blood to the genitals for an orgasm–that’s powerful! Even if it’s a one night stand, it’s powerful and we end up losing something deep within us if it’s just a fleeting act. I lose more if I’m with someone who isn’t bonded to me. I gain so much, if it’s beautiful, enjoyable, earth-shattering sex with the person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with. And, the sisters are going to spend the rest of their lives with their bonds. And that’s the reason why they have their orgasms. Listen, the man is going to always have his. If he can get up, he’s getting off. Don’t be one of those women who think, dang, that must be nice for him–the way he’s enjoying that… Or… the sigh and good he’s done reaction. GET YOURS! God equipped you with the same ability. And once you start having them, believe me, you’re going to strive to have one every time you do IT.

So… That’s what sex in Parched is all about. I think it’s the way God intended, a pleasurable experienced shared between two people who love each other. The ability has not been given to to us to TEMPT us. That’s human, religious nonsense.

And there you go.

Now back to writing. I’m going back  to strengthen plot points before writing on. I took the easy way out early on and ran into the first consequence of that. (I know, I know… but that made sense to me!)



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