A Movie After Midnight…

So I put in “The Way We Were” at about midnight. Believe it or not, I’ve never really seen the film. I watched some of it years ago on a Saturday afternoon back when the Saturday afternoon movie showcase used to come on but I was too young to really pay attention to it.



I can see why it’s such a great film. However, it surely is a hair too long. But let me just cut to the chase.

I don’t get it.

Or is it just me?

Or am I contemporary viewer and that’s an old text?

I don’t get why they broke up in first place? And I don’t get why he didn’t raise his daughter? That’s weird.

I mean, dude, he rolled with her all the way to that point. He knew who she was, lasted all of those years with her, asked her to  never change and yet he left her?????  Huh?????

And then at the end, it was like he’s still caught up in the allure of Katie.

And surprisingly I was on Hubble’s side about the social behavior stuff. When he told her don’t worry about the blacklisted writers in Hollywood because when all their films fail without them, they’ll come knocking on their doors again and the writers and the producers will shake hands, have a drink, sleep with each others wives, forgive the past and  make a lot of money. SO TRUE. Failure is the best attitude changer. (Get what I’m trying to say?) Especially for  Hollywood. They get to scattering like ants after the colony’s been shaken when they start to lose money.

I found Katie a bit, well a lot, immature about her convictions. Yeah, we have our un-evolved beliefs in college, Lord knows I did, but then you grow up and learn reality. You start to weed out all that stuff were taught growing up and processed with a brain that’s not yet fully formed–and find reason by way of experience and being an adult in the real world. That’s why the broader a person’s horizons the more inclusive and evolved in their thinking they are. Small minds are dangerous to everyone in our society.

So, Katie, was kind of getting on my nerves. But my goodness, Barbara Streisand gave us an amazing performance. She’s so great. I want to catch her in concert before either of us die.

Anyway. Yeah. So, going to bed.  Just a little rattled by how the film ended. It was also a little baffling that Hubble would go off with the ex-girlfriend from college and screw her. All I saw between Katie and Hubble was passion, if nothing else. Yeah, he didn’t care for her politics and her to stand down–man can she get worked up but she was like that when he first met her…. I don’t know… Maybe he did it to prove he can be without her. Or, maybe it was just a forced plot point.

Oh. Wait. I think I get it. He had hoped she would change. But then I don’t get it. Why would he want her to change that very thing that attracted him to her? I hope. Oh, I so hope that he wasn’t just attracted to the way she looked. He did say she was beautiful a couple of times. And she did have to tell him that “I know I’m attractive…” Oh, I so hope they weren’t trying to say the basis of  his attraction was born out of superficiality.

Ok.  Watching it again tomorrow or later today. Time for a critical analysis. Time to get to the bottom of this.


DAY TWO – 1/17/2012

Okay, watched it again and now I totally get why he couldn’t be with her.  She said she’d change but she couldn’t. They both thought they’d be able to change each other.

“Your girl is lovely, Hubble…”

And how did it go…

Katie: “It’s easy give up when I have to.”

Hubble: “Not for me.”

Katie: “Well I had more practice.”

It went something like that. However they said it, the dialog was “Gorgeous.” Why don’t we use that anymore??? His series of gestures were “Gorgeous.” (Gatsby… Nick Carraway said that about him).

Anyway, all of that TIGHT dialogue! I’m so going to buy my own copy of this film. It’s sad because Hubble will always love her on that DVD, for the life of this story, which is forever, but–he’s just not strong enough to be with her. And yeah, she’s passionate about her beliefs to a fault. Her activism is too direct. it’s not sly enough to be effective and she ends up coming off like an unstable lunatic. But, oh my, what a force of antagonism–Katie’s personality. Do  you see how genius that is!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay. Through gushing. Just wanted to report what I thought after watching it again. Although I do believe the tragedy was that he was a wasp, who couldn’t leave the nest. But still, the whole don’t even get to know your kid thing is, I don’t know, weird for a lack of a better word.

Got some good writing done today!



    • Z.L Arkadie

      Yeah! I think so. The fact that I need to see it twice speaks to its subtle complexity yet it doesn’t do that by sacrificing the love and romance. It’s just weird to me in some ways but the more I think about it I think its just an accurate depiction of men in a love story. Because more than not in the end, they choose with their heads and not their hearts. Hours later and this film hasn’t left my thoughts! Definitely a must see!

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