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The BIG Picture….

So tomorrow at 10:30AM, I’m scheduled to take my author’s photo!

Are you nervous, you ask?

Why yes, Dear!

So very nervous.

I’m pondering wether to wear my hair curly, like it is now, or straighten it–which I’ll have to do after my Italian lesson this afternoon.

The pros to straight–There aren’t any.

The cons of straight–I’ll be near the ocean, outside, in San Diego at 10:30AM. My hair will not stay straight for more than 15 minutes in those conditions.

The pros of curly–It’s cute.

Okay… that’s a weak list but I’ll go with curly.


Anyway, as soon as I get the pictures and hopefully like them–I’m EXTREMELY non-photogenic, which is why I don’t have very many pictures of myself and which is why I have none posted–for the most part.

I mean, if I had a photo that I thought really captures me, It would be up right now. But I can always look at my image and find three things wrong.

I hate taking pictures.

But I know as a working author, I need one. My readers want to know what I look like for the most part!

Okay. Now back to work. I have an Italian language lesson at 3:00PM. I THANK the language for introducing me to Biagio Antonocci but until I get book 7 of Parched out and finish this new book that I started, then I’m going to have to put those lessons on hold. Especially since I need to apply the payment for my lesson towards editing and the hour and a half I dedicate to walking to the class and taking it, takes at least 500 to 100 words out of my writing day. Basically, the time for private Italian lessons is not now.

Oh and yeah. So I started writing this story that came to my head the other day and guess what? I can’t stop! It’s contemporary romance and I’m so into seeing how these characters’ world is evolving.

So. Yeah. I dedicate an hour and a half to that book per day now.

Got to go.

I hope I like the picture enough to post it AND THEN I hope you like it.

Although, really, who cares how it looks, right? It’ll capture me at that moment and that is REAL. So. You know what. No matter what they look like, I’ll post them! Because I am merely ME 🙂

(excuse any typos–I can’t go back and re-read. The day is getting away from me!)

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