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Misty Black on hiatus…

I have taken Misty Black, The Beginning off of sale for the time being…

Because Parched has garnered so many readers, it’s not wise for me to keep Misty Black on sale until it has gone through a few professional edits.

Misty Black is certainly,  as they say, uncut! It was the first book I ever published. I was so proud back then and I read it over and over and over and… over again, thinking it was in perfect condition! Boy was I “green”.  Lots of readers have enjoyed it just the way it is but I can’t take that risk anymore, especially now that I’m way more experienced at this. And Misty Black, The Beginning as is, is just ammunition for the machine gun.

So, I’ll re-release Misty Black, The Beginning when I release Misty Black, Round One this Fall.

Wow. Just writing that got me–Excited!

And made me sad. 🙁

I mean, MB is my baby. I’m in love with those characters. That world. I love Misty Black too! She’s nothing like me but I want to be her… I hate that I can’t continue to share that story as is but I’ve been putting off the editing for so long (my fault).

Alright. Now back to Vanquish(ed)… I still haven’t figured that out yet but I better soon as the cover artist is working on the cover at the moment. And the two editors I’ve scheduled have very gracious concerning my tardiness… (bad girl, Z) 🙂



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