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I’m back from New Orleans. I had a great time indulging in the culture. I sat down and had few conversations with the local musicians, waiters, street sweepers and waitresses. I met people from different parts of the country, since NOLA is a big tourist town. It was great. And that accent, I love it! 

Anyway… That brings me to this post.

I’m going INSANE because I’m not writing. I gave myself the entire week to gather my tax details for the preparer and to catch up on my DVR’d shows.

BUT–I’m gripped by anxiety. All I can think about is my next book.

Here’s the deal…

I want to write about that mousy little girl, who’s as quiet as an ant on the outside but on the inside her thoughts are on fire!

Today, one of my Facebook friends posted a comment, it read: “The chief enemy of creativity is common sense.”

Pablo Picasso said that.

Anyway, so I sat down and cranked up the .doc and started writing. I said, okay, this time, let’s go back to third person past-tense. I cranked out the first two sentences and thought–I feel too far away from this story. A time existed when I wouldn’t even read in the first person let alone write in it BUT I think I’ve been transformed.


Picasso’s quote reminds me to go with what feels RIGHT. No matter what. I mean, choosing third person was simply an intellectual decision. Although, I did want to practice the technique of bringing a reader just as close by using the 3rd person POV but then I remembered I accomplished that in Misty Black, The Beginning!

And I have to write Misty Black, Round One in the 3rd person because I have Misty, Max and Jack and Iris and Crane El… Then there’s the dynamic between these characters. The secrets….

But the next book I’m writing is a Contemporary Romance. I like the romance novels that I read to be written in the first person–and contemporary. I want to know everything about this girl who’s about to find love. I want to live vicariously through her.  I want to learn and grow with her. I want to feel longing, doubt and elation with her. Basically, I want to be in her shoes. So. Yeah. That is why first person is only going to work in this novel.

And I have the title! 😉 I’ll keep it close until I finish the first draft!

So excited. I can’t take a break. I must WRITE right now!

I MUST get this story out of me and then pick up Misty Black. I actually have Misty written in script format. However, I want to change the plot elements.






  • victoriawarren

    I am so excited about this new book!! I happen to love first person!! She sounds a little like myself. I have a lot to say, but am sometimes afraid to. Really, sometimes I am so afraid to be wrong, I just zip it. Then other times I think, “Well, I’m just gonna speak up.” Then I feel stupid when I am wrong. LOL Oh well. I don’t let it get to me too much. I HAVE accomplished things. I know I’m not horribly wrong about some things.

    Geesh, I’m rambling. This is actually the perfect forum for me. I can say things, and delete, rewrite, delete, rewrite again. It’s really pretty awesome. HA! There I go again…

    It is terribly overwhelming to need to put things on the backburner like that, to have so much on your plate (or in your brain) all at once. I am sure you can handle it.  All of those stories in your head just itching to get out. How cool!!

    Sometimes I wish to be a BETA reader. I am not quite sure I am critical enough to do it though. I like to read for pure pleasure and only think about grammar and punctuation if it gets in the way of the flow of what I’m reading. But I would sure like to read things before everyone else gets to. You know, like that big secret you have in your back pocket. 😉
    I am all over the place tonight. I must (did) have had a rough week. LOL
    So glad you had a relaxing get away. 🙂 Talk to you later. Have a productive and enjoyable weekend.

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Yeah… This character is continuously turning in my head.

      So funny, I want to have a talk with my nephew about the exact same thing next week. I’m trying to figure out a way to approach it. He’s not doing so well in school and one of the reasons is he’s too quiet in class. I’m 100 percent certain that it’s because he’s afraid of speaking up and possibly getting the answer wrong. I remember being his age and you know young people are always afraid of being judged. I’m praying for the words of wisdom because like I said, I remember being the same way and performing through that fear is easier said than done. That’s why I like the Bill Lintner character I created in the Seventh Sister. He’s back in Vanquished and I’m sticking with him in future books! He’s THAT person. He asks, he shines even if it doesn’t gain him popularity. But there are other things going on with him too.. 15 is a tough age. I just remember him as the three year old dancing to the wonky music at Disney Land and joining this jazz band on the drums (at four or five years old mind you) at restaurant in Beverly Hills one night. Sometimes you wonder, what happened. Why do kids all of sudden start to care who sees them and what they’re thinking? And, I oftentimes wonder what will it take to make sure they never ever care what anyone thinks! Anyway… I know what you mean–I can never be a beta reader either.

      And that’s okay… I had a rough week too. This must be the season for rough weeks! LOL 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend, Vic! Talk soon! Z

    • victoriawarren

      Ok, so I had this experience when I was in middle school. I wanted so bad to make the cheer squad. I got all psyched up and tried out. I was so nervous, my stomach was in knots. I thought I might vomit. So there I was, in front of all of the people who would make the decision. I did my cheer. I thought I did ok. When everyone was through trying out, I got called back. So I did it again. I thought that was a good thing, right? Well, I didn’t make the squad. The reason they gave was that I was too quiet. My family still can’t believe I was too quiet. Lol I was so worried about sounding stupid hat I let it get in the way of my success. Honestly, it probably would have changed my life entirely to make the squad. I could have broken out of my shell far sooner. I just needed someone in my corner. Kind of like you are for your nephew. I know you will find the right words for him. Drawing from your own insecurities will help him to know he’s not alone. 🙂
      I have four children and that is one thing I have learned. Just being there, available for them, is good. Fifteen year olds are tough, I happen to have one of my own. =
      Talk to ya later, and good luck with your nephew.

  • Nicole

    Can’t wait to read that story, however, please, when are you going to finish the 7 Sisters.. I miss them… and Felix :))) Please!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Nicole! 🙂 Book 7 is with the editor! It will have to go to a second editor before it’s released. Truly, I miss the sisters too! I wish I had three brains and three sets of hands because right now I want to write the new contemp romance, Misty Black–Round Two and another Benel Sister single all at the same time! But I promise all three will be released this year! 🙂 Thanks for the enthusiasm! Z