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I’m back from New Orleans. I had a great time indulging in the culture. I sat down and had few conversations with the local musicians, waiters, street sweepers and waitresses. I met people from different parts of the country, since NOLA is a big tourist town. It was great. And that accent, I love it! 

Anyway… That brings me to this post.

I’m going INSANE because I’m not writing. I gave myself the entire week to gather my tax details for the preparer and to catch up on my DVR’d shows.

BUT–I’m gripped by anxiety. All I can think about is my next book.

Here’s the deal…

I want to write about that mousy little girl, who’s as quiet as an ant on the outside but on the inside her thoughts are on fire!

Today, one of my Facebook friends posted a comment, it read: “The chief enemy of creativity is common sense.”

Pablo Picasso said that.

Anyway, so I sat down and cranked up the .doc and started writing. I said, okay, this time, let’s go back to third person past-tense. I cranked out the first two sentences and thought–I feel too far away from this story. A time existed when I wouldn’t even read in the first person let alone write in it BUT I think I’ve been transformed.


Picasso’s quote reminds me to go with what feels RIGHT. No matter what. I mean, choosing third person was simply an intellectual decision. Although, I did want to practice the technique of bringing a reader just as close by using the 3rd person POV but then I remembered I accomplished that in Misty Black, The Beginning!

And I have to write Misty Black, Round One in the 3rd person because I have Misty, Max and Jack and Iris and Crane El… Then there’s the dynamic between these characters. The secrets….

But the next book I’m writing is a Contemporary Romance. I like the romance novels that I read to be written in the first person–and contemporary. I want to know everything about this girl who’s about to find love. I want to live vicariously through her.  I want to learn and grow with her. I want to feel longing, doubt and elation with her. Basically, I want to be in her shoes. So. Yeah. That is why first person is only going to work in this novel.

And I have the title! 😉 I’ll keep it close until I finish the first draft!

So excited. I can’t take a break. I must WRITE right now!

I MUST get this story out of me and then pick up Misty Black. I actually have Misty written in script format. However, I want to change the plot elements.





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