Vanquish, Parched book 7 RELEASED!

VANQUISH, Parched book 7 is officially released!

It will be available at all retail outlets in a little while but right now, at this very moment, you can purchase the book here!:

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on Smashwords (AMAZON UK)  (AMAZON FRANCE) (AMAZON CANADA) (AMAZON -DENMARK)

You’ll have to create an account on Smashwords but it’s so worth doing.

If you’re waiting for the book to be available for purchase on iBooks, B&N Nook or Kobo, then please check for updates here:

I surely hope you enjoy this final installment. And, remember, there’s a lot more coming in the future!

All best,

Z.L Arkadie


As of 4/13/2013

While I was sleeping, Vanquish finally made it to the B&N storefront! Here’s the link!

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on B&N Nook!

And Kobo!

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on Kobo!