Parched, Book 7 Updates Here…

So here is where I’ll be keeping a running update on Book 7 of the Parched series:

As of 4/13/2013

While I was sleeping, Vanquish finally made it to the B&N storefront! Here’s the link!

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on B&N Nook!

And Kobo!

Vanquish, Parched book 7 on Kobo!

As of 4/11/2013


The time draweth nigh 🙂

As of 4/10/2013

Thanks to my editors for doing a fantastic job!

I predict Vanquish will be released on Friday! I you absolutely can’t wait for it to filter down to the retail outlets, then it will be available immediately on Smashwords.

I’ll send an email to those who are signed up on the release list (changed: The severs are down so I have to send it on 4/11/2013 around noon, PST) just to prepare you for the official release announcement. If you don’t receive the message after I send it, then check your spam folder.

So excited!

As of 4/5/2013

Crisis averted!

Here’s ONE of my problems. Sometimes I can be too hasty. And I can feel it coming on; it’s like Z, slow down, you’re having a mini meltdown! And before I know it, I’ve made a hasty decision without clearing all the avenues of my original plan.

I know,  you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about. But it’s all up here people (taps left temple with index finger). It’s all up here… 🙂

So. To make a short but dramatic story shorter, I have the manuscript back in the hands of the editor it should’ve gone to in the first place.

And so, I think I’m learning a dramatic lesson here. I need to FIGHT being so impulsive and slow down, cover every angle before I decide to move on.

So we’re back in business and on schedule! Vanquish, Parched book 7 WILL be released before April 15, 2013!

I’ll keep  you posted!

As of 4/4/2013

Geesh.. I had to delete today’s update.

(Shakes head)

Look for a revised update soon.

As of 3/28/2013

Good news!

Vanquish will be returned to me by editor #1.


And now back to writing! I’m so into this new book. It’s the first in a series of singles but all with the same theme. I can’t WAIT to reveal the master plan.

So… hold on to your hats! The time for Vanquish draweth nigh! 🙂



As of 3/14/2013

Vanquish should be going to the editor today! It’s done. I LOVE this story and am quite satisfied with it.

And just as I knew, when you hit 98k words you have OVERWRITTEN the book. I had. So, I chopped 13k words off the story to give you a tight, concise, non-rambling tale!

Gosh, I hate stories that ramble.

And I dig how the last three chapters worked out!

I cannot wait to get you this book.

So from now until Monday, I shall not write a word of fiction. I am on a mini-break. Getting on an airplane tomorrow and flying out to the Big Easy!

Geesh… there’s too much sunlight here in San Diego. Where can I move in California that’s not too far north and is not so peppy? Hmmm… Wine Country? I’ll be answering that question in about two months. Single Writer is saying bye, bye to San Diego…

I need dreary.



As of  3/10/2013

98k words.

Bed at 5:00AM this morning. Awakened by the maintenance man who decided to fix the cabinet on A SUNDAY morning at 10:oo AM. Too much light in San Diego to get back to sleep. Stayed up. Finished the Denouement. Finally wrote the words, “The End.”


I just might make my appointment with the editor no Wednesday yet… Let’s see. 98k words!!!!

As of  3/8/2013

The cover for Vanquish!


 As of 3/8/2013

First, cannot believe that it’s already the 8th!!!!!  Geesh. Didn’t I say that on the 5th? Well, I can’t believe it’s three days later.


Anyway, I finished that doozy of a chapter BUT once again, I’ve chosen an arduous undertaking. The event that occurs next truly needs its own chapter. It won’t be a long chapter but I have decided to accept the challenge of creativity. When I wrote the name of the person, who’s voice carries this short chapter, I had to stop, ponder–and think of an easier solution but then, the easiest wasn’t the best. And so, at this stage in the game 88K words in… You’ll be reading the voice of someone you met once before and only through the eyes of one of the sisters.

I’m actually excited that I’ve decided to rise to the challenge.

You’ll be seeing more of this character in future books because… I like him, and so does Clarity.