The Story Has Arrived!

I guess all I needed to do was free my mind of the worry of publishing book 7 of Parched and then listen to my soul soon thereafter.

Excuse me if I sound a little wacky during any of this post. I’m going to make it short because tonight was a Skinny Girl Mojita night/a quarter glass makes me loopy.

Anyway…  I know that a story has to be felt down to the soul. Down to the bone…marrow.  As a writer you have to connect with the characters’ emotions and since I live and die by my emotions, I cannot write a WORD of a novel until I feel it. Down deep, feel it.

Like, I’m the one who watches a news story on TV and end up teary eyed. I cry when I see someone else in pain. I hurt for people all the time, everyday. The reason why I couldn’t write the next book was because all my “fiction” emotions were tied up in Vanquish. Now it’s out. It’s gone from me. (I’m teary eyed about that. My heart weeps about that. But I must let it go. It’s in your hands now. You have it.)

Anyway, so earlier tonight I moved away from the computer, watched Pride and Prejudice for the umpth-millionth time and let my mind challenge me. See, A story has to be BIGGER than life, BETTER than good. I’m an over-sensitive, emotional being, I really am and I MUST rely that in all my stories.

And so I went backwards. I started writing this love story years ago, before I learned how to plot. YES. Every writer MUST take the plot journey. Plot is something you learn. Writing is something you’re born with. BUT plot is learnt.

Well. I’m writing this series. And I fear I started in the wrong city! I’m starting in Martha’s Vineyard! And why not, MV? I’ll be there later on this month… I’ve figured out the plot elements. Oh, and the story is too emotional to be written in the first person. It demands the third person. If you choose to read it, then you’ll see why. First person will make it too melodramatic. The reason why some first person voices grow weary is because the voice is too emotional–more emotional than the action. Does that make sense? Mary Sue’s are born from an over-emotional, “I” voice.

Anyway–I’m excited. I’ve already written past the first page of the new story–which is the hardest part of any book. I would write on but the Mojita has made my lids heavy and all I want to do is sleep. This is why I could never be a drunk. Alcohol is not an upper for me–it’s a downer. I think it has to do with my genes or something.

Anyway–I’m elated. No. Overjoyed. No. Ecstatic. No. Sleepy… No. Hate that I have to go to bed right now instead of write.

I’ll probably fix the errors in this post tomorrow. Probably not. I’m too excited to re-read it. I have a new story to write!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I Love THIS!

Peace. And I hope you enjoy Vanquish. And remember, The Denouement is EXTRA! I added it to show their new normal….How their world has been reset. I won’t write a denouement in the book I’m writing now though.


Good Night.

Much Love 🙂


  • Elaine 'Kerr' Unsworth

    Loved your books Z and I cannot wait for your next journey with the Benel Sisters. I keep hearing you and others talk about the Misty series but cannot seem to find it on Kindle?!
    What’s the title called please?
    Elaine x

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Elaine! Thanks! 🙂 Misty Black is a futuristic fantasy series, starring main character who’s super power is her brain and the fact that she was genetically designed. Misty Black, The Beginning was a pre-quel. It was the first book I ever published, however it has never been professionally edited. I’ve learned to take my books through a series editing process, which is why I unpublished it until it’s completed that process. I will re-release it his fall along with first book of the trilogy, Misty Black, Round One.

      So that’s the Misty Story 🙂 I’ll keep an update on Misty Black’s release once I start writing it.

      Thanks for asking! Z

  • nicoleangelsgathering

    Congratulations!!! From your San Diego girl!!! I bought book 7 last night , read the first chapter and realized I needed to re- read book 6 to get caught up again. I’ve read 150 books since I read book 6! OK,i admit to being a book junkie, reading on the bus, the trolley, Dr’s office, the lake etc… I truly enjoyed the first chapter and yay, my lovely Felix showed up early in the book-sigh! Be careful with those mojitos, they are deadly. 🙂 I know we have written about this before , however, I hope you decide to do a reading in San Diego. I have your email I will write you again with another suggestion :)) Gonna read 6 tonight and then start 7 on Tues! PS. I enjoyed Misty book 1. Parched is my heart! Thank you for a lovely story and an amazing new world for me to explore! A few local authors went up to Wonder Con to hand out info re their books, maybe think about doing it at Comic Con. 🙂 My offer stands 🙂

    • Z.L Arkadie

      LOLOL!!!! OMG… For sure you’re right! Those Mojitos are deadlier than what they appear to be. They ARE so yummy, right???

      Yeah, that’s right! You love, Felix! Well get ready for a lot more after this series. He’s large and in charge and orchestrating all the daughter’s lives now! LOL! At first it’s going to be an adjustment to a couple of them who aren’t used to but he too has a lot to learn about his control issues. Oh goodness, I can’t wait to dig into those future stories just waiting to be written!

      Now the Comic Con thing sounds like something I might be interested in! Sounds really fun too!

      Thanks for stopping by! Good to hear from you, Mia San Diego amica! Much Love, Z!

  • Deb Smith

    I downloaded Vanqished yesterday and have completed 3 chapters. I feel like I need to savor it and not rush throiugh becasueI love the characters and when this book is done they will be gone. I assume there is not another Parched book coming.?
    But I am also interested in startinga new ad venture with a new character in the Misty Black books.
    Thanks for so many hours of pleasure with Parched series.
    And Iam with you,,,2 glasses of wine and I am asleep.

    • Z.L Arkadie

      No need to go slow Deb because there will be a lifetime (My lifetime at least) of Parched novels to come. They won’t be part of this initial series of course. The first 7 books are world building, introductory. The other books that I plan to write will be singles–at least most of them. I imagine I might be inspired to write a shorter two book or three book series when the story demands it. I’m working out the plot details from my next book featuring the Benel Sisters. I think I’ll focus on Zillael first. However, since Clarity has the Power of Mind she’ll probably be in almost every book I write. The sisters really rely on her and she’s their stable point person.

      Basically…. There’s so much more coming! Stay tuned!

      Oh, and Misty’s coming too! I’m writing that novel next. Thanks so much for reading my books ! A writer only hopes another human being will read and someone like their work. It’s beyond amazing ALl the best too you! Much Love, Z

    • Z.L Arkadie

      LOL!!! 🙂 I’m going and going and hopefully this momentum will take me all the way to the end! I have the plot highs and lows worked out in my head already!!!! This indeed is a GREAT day! Much Love, Vic! Z

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