Crisis Averted – Vanquish

All I said before is old news!

The 2nd edition, FIXED version of Vanquish is now fixed.

I asked  Amazon to send an email to all the customers who purchased book before 5/11/2013. But it will take about a week to hear whether or not they approve my request. They’ll ever provide an option in Manage Your Kindle to update your device with the latest version or send you an email informing you that that update is available. Regardless, the update will be available for you in your Manage Your Kindle soon.

Click on the “send email” message to the following retailers and ask them to provide the most up to date version of ALL (while you’re at it!) the books in the Parched series.

B&N – Nook



(You’re able to send an email directly to Kobo.)

You can copy and paste this:

Could you please update my device with the most up to date versions of the following ebooks by Z.L Arkadie: Parched, The Seventh Sister, Quenched, The Fifth Sister, Ignite, Light Speed and Vanquish.

Many thanks,


Finally, this will more than likely be the last time any issues like this will go to print. Why, you ask?

First, I’ve now booked with the best editors in the industry. Second, you will NEVER see all 7 sisters and their 7 vampire bonds in one book EVER again! LOL! O.M.G!!! That was a BEAST. The mix up in character names have been corrected too! Geesh. Vanquish stretched my brain to the OUTTER limits. 🙂


Today is Saturday.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Much Love,




  • Janice

    Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed all of the Parched books. Thanks for writing them. I noticed the little mistakes in Vanquish and blamed them on my kindle (lol). Still finished it in no time. Keep up the good work. Patiently waiting for the next book.

  • Gillian

    Please don’t worry I finished Vanquish in two days ( I got my copy from itunes) and really loved it even with the little mistakes.I have loved all of the Parched books and wasn’t going to let the errors stop me from enjoying the book. Thank you so much for the wonderful books. Waiting patiently for more. Thanks again Gill

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Ahh… Thanks so much, Gill. 🙂 I cannot wait to start the next Parched book. Sometimes I wish I were one of those writers who could write two books at one time, but alas I am not. However, if you loved Parched then you’re going to REALLY love this story I’m writing now. It’ll tie you over until December when the next Parched book will be released. And this time I’m booking far in advance with all the top editors.

      Thanks again, for your thumbs up; it means a lot to me :-). All best, Z

  • ViVi

    I literary just bought this book on Amazon prior to reading this post. How long until I can get the new update? Are the mistakes obvious? Should I practice Jeri discipline and wait?

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Vivi, The book is still with the editor but she’s returning it to me this week. The story is still solid. No, I don’t think the mistakes are that obvious but there are too many little ones like a missing “a” or “the” and the like. The stuff that’s easily read over if you’re caught up in the story. You know what, I would say go ahead and start, if you find the little errors distracting then wait for the cleaner copy. Once it’s ready I’ll post it here and send an email and ask Amazon to send a notice regarding the new version to all those who purchased it. I do apologize for adding so much drama to the release of Vanquish. Thanks for asking. All best, Z