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Sick’ooooo – Caution – Not Writing Related…

So skip this if you like.

I’m just whining like a baby who’s head feels like a vice is squeezing it.

A sinus infection sounds like such a little thing compared to say, “the flu”.

But I’m telling you. I. AM. MISERABLE.

I move from this place on Monday and I’m hoping that abandoning a high floor (I live on the 23rd floor) will bring some relief.

I went through a box of 180 tissues yesterday. I’m on my way through another today. Let me tell you, I keep Kleenex in business!

This sucks.

Hoping seriously that keeping to the ground will bring me some relief.

Anyway. The good news is although I could hardly sleep last night, I did wake up at like 8:00AM, maybe 7:00 something. I made a cup of tea and started writing by 11:00AM my head felt like it was going to burst but I had written almost 3k words! Then, I started back on the outline for the second half of the story and ended finishing that!


Could that much snot be in somebody’s head????

Anyway… I digressed.

So, yeah.

This torture didn’t stop me from doing what I LOVE!!!!!!

I think you’ll like this story. It’s definitely not traditional romance. It’s contemporary romance.

My head hurts.

Ending this post.

Pray for me… 🙁

And any suggestions are welcomed… If you know how to beat chronic sinus infections, please do tell. I started getting them years ago after doing daily outdoor workouts in a city with some of the worst air quality, Manhattan Beach, CA. There ARE oil refineries all over the place. At least that didn’t help…

Much Love,


(added 4/17/2013 — BTW Thanks Melisa and Vic for the tips. That Vicks Vapor-Inhaler and the warm compresses are winners! I feel SO MUCH better!)

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