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Past the Halfway Point – Find Her, Keep Her

And by the way — I moved.

All settled in. The old place has been re-rented so I’m free from that place and ready to move forward with my life.

So, for the past week I’ve been tightening the first half of my new novel – Find Her, Keep Her. It’s scheduled to be in the hands of the editor on July 1st. I’m excited.

I’ve been debating whether or not to post an excerpt without it being professionally edited. I’m thinking about posting the entire first chapter.

When I first started this journey in 2011, I would’ve definitely put the excerpt right up without question. Really, people, we writers really believe our drafts, the one that we’ve read and self-edited countless numbers of times (well, not countless but a lot!) is PERFECT. But I know there are a lot errors in that first chapter that I didn’t catch. I know I can preface the post as un-edited version but…  I don’t know…. I really want to share it with you – those who take the time to venture to my blog. 🙂

If it goes up, it’ll be tomorrow.

Today, I’m past 30k words; I’m over 35k. Today, I stopped writing when I reached 3100 words. I could’ve continued but it’s never good to write more than that because you run the risk of rushing the story and missing perfect plot points creativity might conjure.

Once the book is off to the editor, I’ll start on Misty Black, Round One. It’ll be back to 3rd person/past tense. A lot of time has passed since I’ve let Misty and Max and the crew speak to me. I’m going to start outlining the story after I get my 3k words in each day. That’ll help reacquaint me.


Alright. Look for the excerpt some time tomorrow, that’s if I don’t chicken out. Right now I’m 93% sure I’ll do it.

As you know if you’ve been reading me for a while that I’m vacillating.


(Sorry. I hit publish before saying….)

See you soon.

Much Love.


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