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Romance Take Me Away…

So I finished writing Find Her, Keep Her and am on chapter 11 of the tightening.

I’m scheduled with the editor on July 1st but I’m going to be officially finished by the middle of next week. There are sixteen chapters in all. I’m at the part of the novel where – 🙁 – is going to lead to :-).


There’s something  satisfying about reading/writing a good romance. And I’m not a romantic person for the most part. Actually – I kind of think “romantic” should be a male trait anyway – right???? They have to romance us, we don’t romance them…

Anyway – so I’m writing this post because I was having this thought… First of all, I know all those who are waiting for the first book of the Misty Black trilogy will stone me with their computer keys if I put off writing book one in the trilogy one more time. LOL! Heck, I know I would stone myself! Misty Black was the first full-length novel I ever wrote after I learned how to plot. Yes, it took me 7 years to truly learn it. Plotting comes easy to me now. Anyway. I was a different person back then. I think Misty Black represented a rebellious side of me that sort of still exists but I’ve evolved a lot too. Misty was darker in a way. If you read it, then you know what I mean.

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job, hate the choices I made in men (they weren’t bad people but they were just as stilted as I was) and I felt stagnate. I felt like, I’d never be able to do what I do now. I was happy though. And hopeful. I felt free because I was at the start of this personal and spiritual awakening.

Anyway – so I Iived. Made bold decisions. And now I’m here. And writing romance feels so right. I love writing two perfect strangers falling in love. I can’t wait to get into book 2 of the L.O.V.E in the USA series, as well as the next book in the Parched series. But sci-fi, fighting, weapons, a dirty and ugly world, greed, sharp teeth — geesh, that all came easy to me when I worked in Hollywood! LOL! But I know this story is important to tell, especially after watching that episode about North Korea Friday on Vice (check that out if you can – it was insane but I’ve been to the DMZ in South Korea and have seen a slice of a weird North Korean Potemkin Village in real life). I think that experience never left me and it’s also informs Misty Black to a certain degree.

However, I’ve decided to let romance guide the plot twists in the next book. I had this dream years ago, which was the reason I decided to write MB the way I did. I think book one will be that dream. It was one of those that when I woke up my heart as still racing. So, umm… Romance has taken me away!

I’ll post the first chapter of Misty Black, Round One at some point – and you’ll see what I mean. Misty Black, The Beginning starts off by painting a very bleak world, one that was easier to envision then, than now. Round One will not start that way!

Then. I’ll finally write the Parched novel. And then, back to the L.O.V.E in the USA (Although, I think I’m going to start writing that one along with Misty Black. The story is in me and I have to get it out! Now. 🙂

So back to work – or maybe I should call it quits to partake fully in the Sunday night lineup. Madman. Does True Blood start tonight??? Hate that Game of Thrones ended. Nurse Jackie! Yes. I’m a Housewives fan. Which ones do I watch – All of them! From Orange County to Miami!


Much Love,


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