Romance Take Me Away…

So I finished writing Find Her, Keep Her and am on chapter 11 of the tightening.

I’m scheduled with the editor on July 1st but I’m going to be officially finished by the middle of next week. There are sixteen chapters in all. I’m at the part of the novel where – 🙁 – is going to lead to :-).


There’s something  satisfying about reading/writing a good romance. And I’m not a romantic person for the most part. Actually – I kind of think “romantic” should be a male trait anyway – right???? They have to romance us, we don’t romance them…

Anyway – so I’m writing this post because I was having this thought… First of all, I know all those who are waiting for the first book of the Misty Black trilogy will stone me with their computer keys if I put off writing book one in the trilogy one more time. LOL! Heck, I know I would stone myself! Misty Black was the first full-length novel I ever wrote after I learned how to plot. Yes, it took me 7 years to truly learn it. Plotting comes easy to me now. Anyway. I was a different person back then. I think Misty Black represented a rebellious side of me that sort of still exists but I’ve evolved a lot too. Misty was darker in a way. If you read it, then you know what I mean.

I was at a point in my life where I hated my job, hate the choices I made in men (they weren’t bad people but they were just as stilted as I was) and I felt stagnate. I felt like, I’d never be able to do what I do now. I was happy though. And hopeful. I felt free because I was at the start of this personal and spiritual awakening.

Anyway – so I Iived. Made bold decisions. And now I’m here. And writing romance feels so right. I love writing two perfect strangers falling in love. I can’t wait to get into book 2 of the L.O.V.E in the USA series, as well as the next book in the Parched series. But sci-fi, fighting, weapons, a dirty and ugly world, greed, sharp teeth — geesh, that all came easy to me when I worked in Hollywood! LOL! But I know this story is important to tell, especially after watching that episode about North Korea Friday on Vice (check that out if you can – it was insane but I’ve been to the DMZ in South Korea and have seen a slice of a weird North Korean Potemkin Village in real life). I think that experience never left me and it’s also informs Misty Black to a certain degree.

However, I’ve decided to let romance guide the plot twists in the next book. I had this dream years ago, which was the reason I decided to write MB the way I did. I think book one will be that dream. It was one of those that when I woke up my heart as still racing. So, umm… Romance has taken me away!

I’ll post the first chapter of Misty Black, Round One at some point – and you’ll see what I mean. Misty Black, The Beginning starts off by painting a very bleak world, one that was easier to envision then, than now. Round One will not start that way!

Then. I’ll finally write the Parched novel. And then, back to the L.O.V.E in the USA (Although, I think I’m going to start writing that one along with Misty Black. The story is in me and I have to get it out! Now. 🙂

So back to work – or maybe I should call it quits to partake fully in the Sunday night lineup. Madman. Does True Blood start tonight??? Hate that Game of Thrones ended. Nurse Jackie! Yes. I’m a Housewives fan. Which ones do I watch – All of them! From Orange County to Miami!


Much Love,



  • victoriawarren

    Hey Z,

    You are completely right men should be the romantic ones. But we know what we like. I think that’s why you can write the romance. 😉 Either way, I am looking forward to reading Find Her Keep Her. You are right, you have been promising Misty for a while now… (tapping my watch) Is she beating down the door, begging to be let out? LOL And I will have to check out some of Nicole’s recommendations, they sound good.

    YES, I am all for some diversity. WE’VE GOT NONE HERE!!! It is kind of maddening. Funny thing, I was just talking to on of the docs here, and he said they offered a job to a new doc, but he doesn’t think she will take it because of the lack of diversity here. He said he’s lost out on good docs before because of that specifically!! Yes, definitely, if you want diversity, don’t move to the midwest. When I was growing up, my town was filled with whites and Mexicans. I was the one and only Asian in my town. So here I am, still here, itching to get out. Needing some diversity!!! In HI it get a lot of it. Here nada! I just have to get everyone else on board. (yes, still waiting on that one) I could die elderly and infirmed first.

    Did True Blood start last night?? I don’t even know? BTW I say, Kill Bill!! 😉

    Anyway Z, have a good week. And I will talk to ya later. 


    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Vic!

      I’m outlining Misty now and will start next week 🙂 She’s a’coming! I just love how the Italians do that – put two words together to shorten the sentence. We should try it sometimes! Like nella for in the and l’ora (the time)

      I want to clarify what I mean by diversity. Like (Cali girl – “like”), But like, when I worked at UCLA, I used to saw that the campus was like a box of dots. A lot of different colors – but they all looked and tasted the same. I used to say to diversify the place, they needed to let in some solid “C” and “B” students. Because a C student knows how to divert from the script sometimes. And they don’t give a care about a grade if it defies their principles. And of course, they might find something better to do than study – most of the time but at least they’ll add some M&M’s to the box of Dots. And B, students can are the Jelly Bellies! That’s what I love about LA. You can run into a crowd of Lemon Heads, banana Now & Later’s, Lemon cream pie Jelly Beans, butterscotch hard candy… They’re all yellow but they all taste different – and when they look at each other, they know they have nothing in common really but respect each other’s humanity and differences. The problem is their’s an explosion of candy in that overpopulated metropolis and the air quality STINKS – STINKS – STINKS. Every time I think about moving back to the city of TRAFFIC, I get a nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach. And the men SUCK – like SUCK (it doesn’t matter what color they are). I’m still trying to figure out why. Like why are the quality of men in LA so lacking. Maybe it’s the entertainment business link. Millions of mice, one block of cheese and they can spend forever trying to get a nibble – and that makes them dissatisfied somehow – maybe. No – Midwestern women have BETTER options! LOL! I mean, there’s a sacrifice to all of this “diversity” stuff. True story – I just have to tell it. Like once I went to a coffee shop to write and this guy was there definitely on a date with another woman. I walk in. He STARES. I sit outside, he stares. I move because I respect the girl code. He was being a rude “Jackass” to another woman. However, they leave and then later he comes back and asks for my number or something. I don’t remember what he said but I gasped offended, gave him the death stare and told him I’m not interested at all. Who does that????

      Anyway. I digressed.

      Yes, True Blood started on Sunday! It was…hmmmm… Take a look and see. I’ll watch next week, the previews looked good. The humans have developed weapons that allow them to fight back against vampires. I really love that angle. And the vampire men and wolves are just so, ummmm… yummy as ever! 🙂

      Kill Bill was good but I only saw Kill Bill 1. I kept rooting for her! Like she was indestructible! LOL!!!! Love it! I love how indestructible Tarantino’s female heroines always are.

      Did you see the finalee of Nurse Jackie. I can’t believe it! I thought, really????? I won’t say what happened until I’m sure you saw it.

      Much Love, Vic!
      Talk soon! Z

  • Nicole

    Hi Z.
    Glad to hear you are in Carlsbad, used to live there loved it! Nice to be by the beach, always! Please let us know when the fixed version of the last book of 7 Sisters can be downloaded Amazon still does not know what I am talking about when I ask them. Interesting, two of my other writer friends are writing romance novels they say that paranormal’s are not selling at this time. Personally, I prefer paranormal romances, however, that’s me! I think part of the reason they are not selling has to do with marketing. It’s challenging for an Indie author to find their audience. Nalini Singh just released her newest book ( 10th in the series and it sold like hotcakes! ) However, she has Penguin paranormal behind her, a US and European tour, FB has 22, 345 people, and she is on twitter as well as being backed by top bloggers. JR Ward, has over 100,000 followers on twitter. She only posts when she has a book to sell. Nalini posts every few days and answers people’s questions. I guess my point is, paranormal romances sell, the issue is , how, to get them to the masses. Fifty Shades of Gray sold so many books and I personally think it was awful, terrible writing. I wish there was a way for talented Indie authors to get to the masses… just saying.. Support Indie Authors. I will be down at Comic Con passing out some bookmarks for two friends who are paranormal writers. Can’t wait to learn more about Felix and family!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Nicole!

      Carlsbad is nice :-). But in a year, I’m skipping out! LOL!

      You can now get the updated version if you go to Manage My Kindle. They’ve provided an option to select the update–I keep forgetting to post it here on the blog. I’ll try to do it today.

      Yes, both of those authors have the big six behind them I think but I’m fine where I am (as most indies are because we’re writers and actually would rather not deal with them if we don’t have to). And plus, Amazon gives them a HUGE leg up on us and it started on October 1, 2012 and continues until today. I can go on and complain about Amazon but there’s no use. I get that they’re trying to freeze us out in order to make them happy – whatever. Instead, I roll up my sleeves and get to work! 🙂 I’m not going anywhere, especially if Nook and Apple keeps treating us fairly :-). Before Oct 1st, I was outselling most book 6 paranormal authors, and they used to send their trolls through to review…So funny. This business.

      A liked book 1 of 50 Shades of Grey. After I read the first part of book 2, I was no longer interested but I have a lot of friends who finished them all. To each her own I guess! 🙂 She told a great story though in book 1. Although, I have a problem reading about 28 year old character who behaves like he’s 40 – i.e. Christian Grey. 28 year old men aren’t THAT deep.

      Have a great time at Comic Con! My nephews wanted to go but there all sold out, and truthfully, I didn’t try that hard to get us tickets. I would go mad in the first 5 minutes – the crowds, the noise, children running around, teenagers in costumes… All I would crave is PEACE.

      Talk soon!

    • Nicole

      So, where are you going if you are leaving again! 🙂 Oh, I have been hearing about the nonsense that is going on with Amazon and Indie/self published authors, not cool at all! I hope they do not give in to the publishing houses.
      I read 50 Shades of Pearl which was kind of interesting. I read erotica, I enjoyed Brie’s adventures at Training School, however,Gray was just not for me. Though, as you said to each his own!
      Gawd , really the get trolls to write bad reviews pitiful! One problem with big name publishers is that they set the price high and they do not allow authors to discount books to raise sales or have bargain days etc, and their Kindle prices are insane! That’s why I mostly buy Indie authors and get the big names from the library- which can take months but it’s worth it. I love Nalini Singh, and Heat of Obsidian was Wonderful, but 12.99 for the Kindle Edition is obscene imo. So, I borrowed a friends after she read it…:) I read over 200 books last year…I cannot not afford to buy books at 12.99 a book, however, .99,1.99, 3.99 I can do that. 🙂 I am an “older fan with a young heart”! You look alot like my daughter – she loves shoes and boots – thank goddess for outlets!

      Oh, no, I am not going to Comic Con too many people. Just going to be outside for a few hours passing out bookmarks for two friends ( Indie Authors) that I like to promote! Please keep writing, the Seven Sisters series is one of my favorites. I will be Parched if I do not get more Felix… and the girls… 🙂 Glad you are going to continue to write! Looking forward to the next book! Are you leaving Cali? Don’t go to AZ… 🙂

    • Z.L Arkadie

      I know! That’s why I read indies too. I will rarely pay $9.99 for an ebook. I prefer 99¢ myself, and then if I really the author I buy another book by the author. I think that’s fair. By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever recommended “Accidentally on Purpose” by L.D. Davis but it’s REALLLLLY Good. And it’s only 99¢ the last time I checked. However, it really should be $2.99.

      Well thank you so very much for supporting indies! It really is a great time to be a writer and I’m so happy I started when I did. I’ll check out 50 Shades of Pearl. I’ll read anything if the story draws me in, even erotica. Yep, there are trolls.

      Yes, outlets are the greatest invention since sliced bread! LOL! And I’m glad I look like your daughter 🙂 I’m a dress-phene, and skirts. You can probably tell by my writing. I subscribe to W Magazine and reading it makes my heart race!

      I shall keep writing. I can’t wait to get started on Parched. I think about it everyday. But seriously, I LOVE writing. I can’t explain it but I do it all day long, everyday even if my fingers aren’t typing, I’m forming the plot points in my head.

      Thanks so much for stopping my and for being young at heart! 🙂

      Oh, you know, sighhhhh… I don’t know if I’m leaving Cali or not. Here’s where I know I can’t live – The Pacific North West, The South, the Midwest, and certainly not Arizona! LOL! That leaves the east coast. I think my problem is the fact that I’ve had a unique upbringing. I went from the desert to LA, back and forth growing up. I’m used to true diversity. All my friends are so different and I made a mistake thinking I can live without it. I need variety. I love variety. Heck, I’m different! And then yes, LA’s a city but we elbow room. It’s the only real city of its kind on the west coast. I have one eyebrow lifted on San Francisco. I find it lacking. I just don’t know… But next year, I’ll have to buy because throwing money away on rent isn’t smart in my case. I did like Martha’s Vineyard and it’s close enough to New York. New York has everything that I love, A vibrant museums, galleries, Broadway, parties, trains, the best concerts, deep diversity, ADULTS… However it’s crowded and I hate crowds, they have rats, roaches and trash on the streets and I can’t live with any of that either – eek. I’ll see… 🙂

      Talk soon, Nicole!

    • Nicole

      PS Gotta run, but 50 Shades of Pearl is kinda cool, there are three books in the series, read the reviews first. I have read better erotica, however, the writing was good IMO. I was born in Brooklyn, yes, Brooklyn in the house. ( dating myself.) I like diversity too, but not huge crowds. I am mixed, my daughter is mixed and my grandsons could be the United Nations! SF is cleaner than NY. My daughter hated CT, very segregated, not ethnically diverse. Martha’s Vineyard sounds like a good compromise if you can do it. NY is too crazy! Great to visit would not want to live there anymore. NJ- NO!! I lived there 12 years. Traffic is a nightmare and so is the pollution. My daughter is also into designer handbags and VS PINK. I will check out the book you recommended. I don’t like to recommend books either… because I feel badly if the person does not like it and spends their money. 🙂 I do love Nalini Singh. 🙂 She makes my heart sing! ( I used to sing in NY) “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou I am glad you are going to continue to write! Just finished L. A. Banks Vampire Huntress Series and it’s follow up Neteru Academy RIP L.A! ( San Diego has good weather , but if you’re from NY , I miss the culture , but love the weather and my daughter and her sons!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      So funny, that’s what everyone says about New York! I never read the reviews, I always read the excerpt. If I’m hooked, I’ll buy! 🙂 If I can’t get through it after that – I’m still happy I too the risk. But I like how 50 Shades of Pear starts. I love a story set in NY and thus, I must BUY! 🙂

      Have a fabulous date! You must tell me, where does one go when they date themselves in San Diego. (It’s so boring out this way! LOL) My cousin and I are going to Venice for a few days in a few weeks. We’re just going to go out and have great time dancing and hanging out!

      Oh and I’ll also check out Nalini Singh. And please, feel free to recommend away! I love recommendations!

      Have a wonderful evening,