And It’s Off! Find Her, Keep Her…

A huge sigh of relief!

I’ve finished WAY early, and I just didn’t finish but I polished it – finished it. The manuscript is off to the first editor. 

The story is EXACTLY how I want it, and I’m SO excited to get it out there – you don’t understand.

We’re going to follow the couple you meet in this book as far as we can through life in future books – not all them but just the ones that feature a protagonist that’s somehow connected to Daisy and/or Belmont.  For instance, in “There’s Something About Her: A Manhattan L.O.V.E Story,” Magnolia, the main character, is Belmont and Charlie’s cousin. And I’ve included an excerpt of the next book at the end of the novel. 

And about Charlie – don’t worry. He’s going to get his own book in the future! LOL. You’ll see what I mean. 

Okay, that’s all I’ll say. There’s going to be a lot of love in the USA and a lot of work for the Benel sisters to get done. I plan on releasing two books in each series per year, and one Misty Black per year (for 3 years since it’s a trilogy). I’m outlining the story now and I’m digging the changes I’ve made. I love writing her as an adult. The question remains – who will she end up by the end of book 3? I have her with Luke Green at the start of the script, and he’s really Crane El (an adult male human shapeshifter) but now, all that’s changing – I think. 😉 I’ll see… I still like the idea of Crane El and Misty but that’s ME, I’ll have to see what the series wants.


It is Saturday. 

I’m working because I work if I’m not on a real vacation. 

But I’m just outlining today and putting myself in a Misty Black frame of mind.

I’ll start writing tomorrow.


Have a lovely weekend.

Much Love


However – not giving anything away this early. I know how book three ends and it’s about getting from here to there – now GO. 🙂