A Glass of Red Wine To Celebrate! “Steal With A Kiss” A Parched Novel

Because I am only three thousand words away from being 30k words into “Steal With A Kiss” A Parched Novel!

You know what happens after I reach 30k words right? I go back to the beginning and solidify my foundation. By Monday, I’ll be at that point, since I’m cranking out 3k words a day on this story! About 2k on the other one–which is still a surprise. 😉

Excuse me. I’ve already drank the contents of mie bicchiere (my glass). This means, there’s no way I’ll be able to work on the other story tonight. I think.


I can’t believe I’m pumping out stories like this!

Something happened to me this year.

You know what?

I think it happened during my trip to Martha’s Vineyard. All I know is that when I got there, I lost that writing impediment that I used to have. Like writing “Vanquish” was HARD and such an arduous undertaking. “Writing Find Her, Keep Her” was fun and now so is writing Steal With A Kiss. My mind is plotting forward. My fingers are steadily typing. The premise of this story is out there of course. LOL!!!! Zill is learning that in the broader sense of the galaxies beyond Earth (whatever that means–LOL!), she has some weaknesses when it comes to facing the unknown.

You’re going to meet a new kind of creature. You thought that KTKL was out there. Well this one isn’t made of water but he’s something else. And his powers are IRRESISTIBLE.

You know what?

I wonder how KTKL has sex?

Too bad Adore can never even THINK about cheating on Chex or he’ll lose it, right???? Because I would love to write that hook up. Maybe Navi would step out on Telman. But then, she’s really not that into sex. Hmmm… Anyway. I digress.

I think you’re going to like this story.

Me and my wacky mind.

Talk soon.

Oh and Find Her, Keep Her will be available soon for some highly ENJOYABLE summer reading. And I’m not just saying that because I wrote it. I don’t know what part of of my brain I pulled that story out of but it’s really a good one. I can’t wait to get started on the next book in the L.O.V.E in the USA series either! I know exactly how to raise the stakes in that next novel. It’s going to be real good!

Much Love.

Talk soon.

One glass is enough for me tonight!