What’s In The Pipeline By Z.L. Arkadie


The Subject is  not the title of a new book! LOL!

First… I’m still a little jet-lagged from a trip to the other side of country. I’m west coast. I went south east. I attended a conference and it was interesting. Let me say this. If it weren’t for the Indie Author revolution, then you would’ve NEVER read stories from people like me. It’s insane. That’s all I’m saying about that.  My brain is too overworked to deconstruct the event and put it in viewable words.

So. The pipeline is what’s coming soon from me.


I’ll have “There’s Something About Her, A Manhattan Love Story” in the hands of the editor before Friday. I’m pretty happy with the story.  I did learn that I should know what my brand is this weekend. I know it. No matter what the genre, paranormal romance, contemporary romance or sci-fi/fantasy, my stories will be highly emotional and sensual. I aim to make you feel it. Sometimes that can work against me. Especially if I take the average romance reader on a journey that’s against her belief system and they can’t get out because they’re emotionally involved with the story. The average story is easy to disengage with when it’s a mind connection but when it’s emotion it’s very difficult.


There’s Something About Her will be available for pre-order on  iTunes  and Kobo. I’m not doing a whole pre-order marketing platform. I just want both books ready for purchase on the release date. Apple takes forever to get books up and out.


I’m still a little torn about which book to start next week. Do I start the next Misty Black book that I’m itching to write now that I figured out the main conflict or go straight into the next Parched novel? I’m equally excited about both of them! I think I scheduled my next edit for mid March 2014, Parched. And also, I think it’s going to be a Part 1 and Part 2 novel because of the central conflict.  What I have planned is going to change EVERYTHING for Clarity and Baron. 😉 I can’t wait to get started!!!! Sigh… So. I’ll see. I have until Saturday to decide.


So… Now that I’m leaving my characters in the book I’m writing behind, I feel sort of sad. I find myself wanting to continue on with them, especially since they’re connected to Daisy, Belmont and Charlie from Find Her, Keep Her. I also can’t wait to start “A Los Angeles Love Story.”  Maybe I’ll title it “Make Her, Break Her” LOL!  You’ll see what I mean if you read There’s Something About Her. The LA Story will be told from Charlie’s POV. I still haven’t decided wether to write it in first person or third person limited. I have some time to figure it out.

And so now. It’s time to start my day. I’ll work out. Shower. Eat. And start the final of the final read-through by using the read aloud function in Scrivener.

Peace. Sorry. I’m unable to go back and re-read with I just wrote so please forgive the barrage of typos. My day is calling!!!