Straddled Above the Hurdle… “Say You Love Her, An L.A. Love Story” Chapter ONE

So I’m halfway through chapter one.


Getting this far wasn’t easy. Heck it still isn’t. I’m not done with chapter one yet.

Time and experience has taught me not to force it when it comes to writing, especially the early pages. I’ve learned that if I have to work too hard to say it, then it’s probably something that doesn’t need to be said.

Anyway, so this story has already taken off and is ready to be finished. By the end of the month, I think I will be 20k words in.  There are only ten more days until December. Draft one will probably be finished by the end of December. I’ll spend most of January tightening the story. I have an edit date on January 2o, 2014 but not for this book; it’s for an existing book.

Okay. So. I might be able to submit “Say You Love Her” on January 20th instead, which will be the 3rd book in the LOVE in the USA series. After reading book two, readers will think they know what’s going to happen in book three. But remember, Charlie’s not all there yet. The choices he makes before he finally arrives are fickle and unreliable. He has a lot to learn and maybe not as much to change as he, Maggie and Belmont thinks. And did he really love Daisy? Does he really still love Daisy? What will it take for him to figure out his emotions? When love finally comes for real, what will it take for him to latch on to it? Those questions are all answered in this book.

You know, before you start of a new story with a new lead character I spend days meditating on their issues. Does that make sense?

For instance, I had to remember, why we choose to love this person and not that person? Does that make sense? It’s been forever sense I’ve been I love FOR REAL. And everybody’s definition of what it takes to fall in love or be in love is different and is molded according to his or her experiences. A lot of factors create those experiences.

I’ve been in true love one time in my life. I was very young. And I asked myself what made him different from all the other guys? And this week, I think it was Monday night, could’ve been Sunday, I dreamt the answer to that question.

In this dream me and the one guy I ever loved had just broken up. I broke up with him. I said something like “we should just move on.” And then in the next scene we ended up at the same dance club. He smiled at me from across the room and I smiled back. My heart went pitter-pat and that’s when I woke up. There. I had the answer to my question!

In a room full of many people, his face was the only that made my heart flutter. He was familiar and I loved him. Love is an energy. You just know. The first time you meet that person, the energy of love quashes all doubts and fears, and questions you may have regarding unrequited love. You just go for it. Yes, there’s an element of attraction but I don’t think me and this guy approached each other because of the way I look and vice versa. Granted, he was gorgeous as the day is long. And women came onto him twenty-four seven. He always said it was because he was with me. Chicks do that. Why?????? I still don’t get it. Human behavior can be wacky. Anyway… He used to tell me that he could see me smiling from a distance and it made his day. He had this dream about me once. I’ll never forget it. I won’t retell it because it was personal and beautiful and I keep it locked inside of me because it has been the point of reference for every guy that’s come after him. They have to love me like the man who  had that dream about me for me to believe it, latch on and give my all.  I will say this though… We had sex the first night we went out, and we were together for 8 years after that. By our late twenties, things just changed. We branched off in two different directions. I became someone else. He became someone else. But when we were who were then, we were perfect for each other. We needed what we had for that time in our lives.

But that’s LOVE, you know??? When you wait for it come and really latch on to the energy it can be beautiful like that.

Charlie has really waited. Belmont had waited too. But… Charlie… He thought it was Daisy. But of course she’s married to and loves his brother. He thinks it’s Monroe his cousin Maggie’s best friend. Is it? Or is his forever love closer to Daisy than he could ever know ;-)….

You see… This is why I couldn’t delay writing this book. It’s just going to make the next Parched novel titled, “Forget Me Never,” that much better, especially since I’m creating a new alternate Earth universe where Sirens/women run the show. I can’t wait!!!!

So my next two books are going to be MAJOR.

And now back to work. I just received the first proof 0f “There’s Something About Her” back from the editor. Yay! 🙂

By the way, There’s Something About Her, A Manhattan Love Story is now available on KOBO for pre-order and soon you’ll be able to pre-order it on Apple iTunes! Stay tuned.