The Single Writer Will Soon Be On the Move…


I know, I know, I know… I say to all those who have followed me from Claremont to Seattle to downtown San Diego and now to Carlsbad.

Places where a person like me has never been the demographic.

As I sit here and write, I hear my crazy neighbor man above me stomping. He does this all day long, and night. The only time I get a reprieve is when he’s not home. Oh, and he does it on purpose every morning when he gets up for work.

Last week he stomped so bad that my bed shook. Then, he kept stomping in his living room and my door kept shaking.

Is that not weird??? I thought he was moving. I even asked the office if my wish has been granted and he’s moving. They told me, no. 🙁 But they were going to make sure he straightens up. Dear Office, He’s not straightening up. He’s getting worse. And this area is filled with crazy guys who are prone to flip out, so instead of getting into a power struggle, I’m moving. I value my life.

Before moving in, I asked the leasing the agent if the person in the apartment above me was a single man.

Do you know why??????

Because it’s always the same. I’ve complained to management too many times and he refuses to be considerate. Listen, I asked for no single men above me from experience. The girl in the office lied to me and now here I am stuck with this guy.

I’m so DONE with this.

And so the fire has been lit under my butt. As soon as I’m able, I’m out!

I’ve looked at apartments in Manhattan. Although I hate the cold. Like–hate it.  And I must remember that. Like I said once, I’m sick and tired of driving. I want to live somewhere with a vital public transportation system. But I love a real city. Not a Potemkin Village–small town people with small town culture, who’ve built themselves an urban hub where horny 20 year old’s live until they mate, breed and move away. Sorry. Truth. Just saying. And unfortunately all the REAL cities outside of LA are cold cities–Manhattan, Chicago and D.C.

But you know what???

I want a cute cottage with colorful flowers outside my windows. I want to be able to write in the backyard or near the garden or by the pool or on the patio or at the kitchen table, and sometimes at my desk. I don’t want to HAVE to write in coffee shops because the apartment complex is too noisy or because I’m being attacked by the energy of strangers nearby. When I was at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving, I slept so much because there wasn’t this strange energy in my space.

And so, if I do move to an urban hub, then what will change? Yes, I’ll be able to walk to the grocery store and coffee shops (which I’ll need because I’m living in an urban hub around neighbors in close proximity in an apartment complex or condo or whatever.) but there will be no real peace. Peace is important to me.



I know I wrote a story about Martha’s Vineyard, and my characters are tied to that island BUT I can’t deny that there was something special about that place. Actually, it has everything I’m looking for, including a very efficient transportation system. They’re bus system is the best! Its also a very diverse island. People are smart, hardworking and liberal, and don’t take themselves too serious. They love art and culture and peace. I could spend a week writing on my patio and on the porch, upstairs, in my office and sometimes at the kitchen table. On certain days, I could write at the coffee shop. And you know, I’m not a big “community activity” person but I would do that on Martha’s Vineyard. There’s just something about the people that I like. Maybe that’s what I should do. When I break this lease, move to a furnished cottage on Martha’s Vineyard for 3 months just to make sure I like it….


I think I should!

I’ll be “Single Writer on Martha’s Vineyard”

I like the sound of that.

At least for 3 months.

Okay. Now I’m smiling.

Excuse me while I ponder my latest idea.

As for now. I’m SOOOO out of here. Goodbye Carlsbad. I shall NEVER return. NEVER.

Peace. Or a lack thereof.