Martha’s Vineyard And The New Novel

Just thought re-blogging this was needed.


  • Marcia Martinez

    I love your books,this is the first time I am reading,so help me with this too books,find. Her ,keep her,there something about question is,any more books to the series.thanks for taking the time to read my Email sincere Marcia p.s..GOD BLESS you

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Marcia, The third book in the series, Say You Love Her, An L.A. Love Story will be released on March 1, 2014. I’m hoping to have 4th book released by late June 2014 or early July. I’m so happy you love my books 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by! All best to you, Z! 🙂

    • rosemary

      HI thank you for getting back to me . What is your first name? Don’t forget if need anyone to be an assistant to do your tea’s and coffees,please keep me in mind. I am curious about the time difference because it’s different from mine.So is this American time zone it records on your blog .take care rosemary

    • Z.L Arkadie

      You’re welcome!

      You know what, that’s a good question! I never realized people won’t know my first name. It’s Zuleika–appropriately pronounced (Su-lay-kah) but my mom calls me (Zu-lee-kah) and so I go with my mom’s version.

      I live in California. Carlsbad, CA for the moment but my regular blog readers know that I live like a hot-potato. Today here, tomorrow there… 🙂

      Thanks for asking these questions! I guess, I should put my full name in the About Me section!

      Altretanto! (Take care as well!) Z

    • rosemary

      Hi zuleika that sounds exotic name and you got green eyes to go with it .What is your advice for anyone interested in starting to write ? Take care rosemary . .p.s. was I right about the time zone?

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Yes, California is on the west coast here in the U.S.
      My advice is to study plotologists like Woody Allen and Charlie Kaufman–most novelists don’t go there but I had to. Also study and digest Aristotle’s Theory of Tragedy. I think it truly is about knowing how to keep your readers engaged in the story even if they hate it. LOL! It’s risky business but rewarding. Once you learn plot and what it TRULY is, the rest–dialogue, characterizing, and etc., will come easily because readers will learn your characters in the moment by what they do and say, and you’ll know how to truly be in that moment. 😉 Good luck!It’s a lovely and rewarding journey! Z

  • rosemary

    I loved your photos of ” MARTHA’S VINEYARD” they make you want to go for a holiday and the photos are so crisp and clear.I enjoyed your 2 books about “DAISY,JACK OR. BELMONT” and “MAGGIE AND VINCE”.I can’t wait for book 3 with “CHARLIE AND MENROE”.

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Thanks, Rosemary! 🙂 It’s a wonderful island. But don’t visit in the summer–it’s like PACKED. I think the best time visit is from September-early November. But I’m a writer who loathes purposeless crowds (which is what vacation is all about!). I’m happy enjoyed the series. It’s for those who are willing 🙂 I hope you enjoy book 3. Thanks again for stopping by! All best, Z

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