iBooks Pre-Order Price Correction…

Real quick. I made an error with pricing.

The price for Forget Me Never and Getting To Know Her, A Chicago Love Story is $2.99, not $3.99.

Both books $2.99. I changed the price of “Getting To Know Her, A Chicago Love Story” a few days ago. I’ll change  Forget Me Never today.

Also, stay tuned for the reedited version of Parched, Book 1. It is MUCH better. My editor is aggressive and I love it! She sliced thousands of words from that slower version. I’ve added a little more spice too 😉 So, even if you’ve read the old version–you might want to find some time to reconnect with the new one. Wow–how sexually bland was book 1???? No wonder readers were shocked by book 4 and beyond! LOL! I guess I should add a disclaimer to book 1: Warning. This series gets progressively STEAMIER.

Anyway… It’s now in the second proofing stage at the moment. The previous “editors” before my new editor from Red Adept, were mainly proofers, who called themselves “editors” so basically this book has been proofed to death but I paid for the 2nd proof, although the first proof was pretty strong…. (Now that was a mouthful)… I should have the new version on all storefronts by early next week.


And now back to work.

Dang, it’s already 2:00 PM… I hate this spring forward deal. I need it to fall back to 1:00 PM. I can use the extra hour and I bet you could too!

Much Love.