Parched Book ONE–Reedited, Revised, REBORN…

Was the title of this post dramatic or what?

Let me preface this post by saying–I am sleepy. So please forgive me if I write something incoherent. I promise to correct it as soon as I wake up. I simply couldn’t wait until the morning to announce this.

So the new version of Parched book #1 is now the REBORN version on iBooks, Amazon, Google Play and Kobo. It’s going to take some time to reach Nook, upwards of a few weeks BUT you purchased the box-set on Nook, Parched books 1-3, then go ahead and refresh the file on your reader because the REBORN version will be accessible to you… (Huh??? I’m sure there was an easier way to say that–but you get the gist) Yeah, and subsequently, if you bought the box set, then book 1 has been updated.

Right now, I’m working with a rep at Createspace on the print version. Woo-hoo 🙂

So my editor cut like 12,000 words, which improved flow, readability and speeds up the pace. I added more detail to some scenes–especially the sex scenes. It’s just SO MUCH BETTER. It’ll be like reading a new book so if you read it before, then I encourage you to read it again. 😉

I feel as though I’m leaving out some pertinent information. Hmmm….

Oh… Yes, I just sent Amazon a request asking them to email all those who own the book, either the single version or the box-set, and advise them that a new version is available. They’ll do that if they feel the change is major. 12k words ixnay. I would say that’s major.

Oh… I also have to add. After major editing the novel goes through 2 proofs by two different proofreaders. If you downloaded the iBooks version on 3/22/2014, then you should be good. That version was the 1st proof. The second proof had very little corrections–all minor and subjective. This book has been proofed to death over the years by people who called themselves editors. Finally, it has been treated by a real editor 🙂

I submitted Quenched, book 3 for editing today! The update should be ready by the end of April and the print version should be available by the beginning of May! But the rest of the books in the series, books 3-7, are not as strained and overwritten as Parched, Book 1 was. So, your current version of Quenched should be good. 🙂

Alright bed time.

Much Love.