Winners of the Twitter Signup Contest!

So I cut of slits of papers, wrote names on them, folded them, put them in a plastic container, shook them up and chose not three but 4!!! Yes… I decided to add another winner.

And without further ado…

1. Diedra Fransaw

2. Rosemary Wright

3. Frances Head

4. Stacy Payne


Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be contacting you for contact information either today or tomorrow. I have to get cracking on my writing work-day. 28 more days until the book I’m working on goes to the editor.

Once again, congratulations to you! I will be sending you Find Her, Keep Her – A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story, There’s Something About Her, A Manhattan Love Story and Say You Love Her, An L.A. Love Story.

All Best,