Back To LOVE in the USA! Yay!

So now that I’m coming to the end of Forget Me Never Pt I I’ve started to give the next book in the LOVE in the USA series more thought.

Here’s the mistake I made with the Parched series… I made the sisters powers interdependent. I mean, there’s a beauty in it but there’s a headache in it too. The headache comes when writing a story where I must include all 7 sisters and their 7 bonds. Really, not since Vanquish have I been so WIPED. Not doing that again. And Part II will be less of a headache because it focuses on Baron and Clarity on one hand–and then it has a meanwhile where Ben, Fawn, Adore, Chex and Bill Lintner have a problem to fix because of a decision that was made in Part I.

Anyway… I’m on my way with doing the same thing in the LOVE in the USA series (too many characters per story) and I shall not make the same mistake twice.

I’m rethinking the way I tell those characters’ story (Sorry for saying story too many times). They’ve all had their initial love affair books. And some people really are invested in say, Vince and Maggie–and I don’t want to get too far behind in unfolding their story. And it does them no justice if I only show snippets of them in a book that focuses mainly on other characters.

And Jack and Daisy… I think you’re going to find this next book  “Getting To Know Her” satisfying. I’ve been developing them in my head for the last two months. And Jack has always been closer to getting it than Daisy. Actually he “got it” too much. But Daisy is going to get it. She’s in this for real. And she wants it. She really does…


My characters represent a contemporary America. They’re in the thick of it. They’re not on the outside looking in. They’re accelerated. Post industrial. New technology. Equal work for Equal pay.  Ignorance is ignored and reviled. And they believe the present is what’s real and the future is now. They’re love in the USA. And they have a lot more to go through. They have a daily life. Daily struggles. I want to show more of it.  I mean like really, what is Vince and Maggie’s problem???? Why can’t they just run to the altar and get it over with? And yet she’s hesitant and I know why. And the only reason why he asked her to marry him is because he knows that she’s hesitant. And then I really want to get Monroe in there. I mean–what a pretty mess! 🙂 Charlie and Angelina are solid. What you read is what you get. They’re that solid new type of artistic couple. They’re fairly new to American society kind of… meaning they can be in love without the outside pressure. And all of their friend are unique and open-minded. They’ve seen it all. heard it all.  They’re so 2k.


Just wanted to let you know that LOVE in the USA is about to get bigger and better! So stay tuned!

Now back to Forget Me Never…it’s almost over… Sighhh….

Much Love,