Forget Me Never (Pt. 1) Release…

Good morning to you! I just wanted to inform you that Forget Me Never (Pt. 1): The Search For A Vampire is available RIGHT NOW at stores indicated in the links below:

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So if you want, you can start reading “Forget Me Never (Pt. 1): The Search For A Vampire” today!

And I will not delay in writing Pt. 2. As soon as I deliver Getting To Know Her: A Chicago Love Story to the editor in early August and the Maggie and Vince book in mid August, then I’ll get cracking on Pt. 2. You’re going to want me to release it ASAP. 🙂

Alright… My plate is full of work so I shall get cracking!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!




  • Crimsonflower01

    Loved this book! Soo glad to have another Parched book! Can’t wait for Part 2!! Have you ever considered pitching the Parched series to like SyFy or something? I would love to see these characters come to life on screen not just in my head..anyway I left a review, hope it helps someone else get into the series! Have a great day, Z!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Ahhhh…. Thanks! 🙂

      I’ve said this before but it would be very difficult to bring these books to visual medium. Enu will be difficult to create. The creatures that I’ve imagined as well. It will cost a lot of MONEY. Also, I used to work in the industry and most new movies suck for a reason. For that reason, one should never approach Hollywood. I know to let them approach me and then be very judicious about it. Also, my brand is very sensual and sexual, and non-conformist. The SyFy channel for sure still catering to middle America–most channels and studios still do. But I never say never. However, I got into independent publishing to write whatever the heck I wanted to write and to protect my content. I will say though… if HBO or Showtime came a’calling! HECK YEAH!!! 🙂 But again… it will cost a LOT of cash… So I doubt they ever will.

      Can’t wait to start on Part II of forget me never… I love journeying into the far out.

      Thanks again! Have a great day as well! Z

    • Crimsonflower01

      Understood. I guess I just get soo excited about the series that I want other people to experience it on a grander scale and I know visually, the worlds that you have created would be stunning!!!!! I’m soo glad that you went into independent publishing so that we could experience a taste of your genius through your literary skills!!! Can’t wait for Part 2 of this story! Btw, the LOVE in the USA series, whew…I love the modernity of the relationships and the way that they develop, can’t wait for more of Daisy and Belmont…and Charlie of course!!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Thanks Vic! I don’t know if Chi town is the inspiration or the apartment itself. The walls are thick enough. I can’t feel the energy of those around me. I’ve always been sensitive to that kind of thing. I think most writers are, which is why we always move to remote locations. It’s a reality… 🙂 But it only took a few weeks to say, “pass,” on Chicago. Thank God I have a short lease. Talk soon! Z