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Still In Love With Her: Maggie & Vince, Book ONE Update – 7/14/2014

I’ve decided to post updates as I make them. So as you know I started writing Still In Love With Her: Maggie & Vince Book ONE. I planned to reach 10k words by the end of the weekend. However, I was 6k words in when I suddenly realized the story as I first conceived it wasn’t exceptional enough. I put Robert Tango in the story, and I forgot how “wicked sexy” he is…. He still wants Maggie. And he’s a scoundrel and they’ll do just about anything to get what they want… So the story began to take a whole different form. The conflict changed. The stakes were higher. So… I had to make a tough decision.

As of today, I’m back at page one. However, I know exactly what’s happening and where this story needs to go. Sometimes you have to write until you get it right! 🙂

OMG… I am going to have SMOKE, FIRE and VAPOR gushing out of my ears by edit submission time. What did I get myself into????



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