Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE) Update – 8/26/2014


I’m a wee bit behind on this update but rest assured that Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE) is halfway through the editing process. The manuscript will pass through to proofreads and then the final read through before it goes live. The official release date is 9/12/2014, however I plan to have it available before then.

Here’s the final description:

Maggie Conroy loves her job, possibly more than she loves her boyfriend and boss, Vincent Adams. At least that’s what he thinks. That’s why he takes desperate measures in order to get her to pay attention to their relationship, but will his efforts backfire? Perhaps not, but first they’ll have to get past Vince’s scoundrel of a best friend and business partner, Maggie’s crazy best friend, an egomaniac actor, a clingy ex-girlfriend and a misguided attempt at implementing BDSM tactics.


The one thing I hate about pre-orders is that I never know where the story is really going to until I start writing, which means the description is bound to change. I went in a whole new direction than I intended. This story is edgy, very contemporary and very contemporary romance. I did another read-through while going through first edits and I really like it. I was worried when I first submitted it because there’s nothing traditional/commercial about the story elements. Oh, and Maggie has a new job 😉 


I’ve outlined Explore Her, More of Her up to a point where I’m ready to write.  I do plan on being finished way before my editing date in November so I’ll see if the company that I use can fit me in in October. Fingers crossed. If so, then Explore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book TWO) will be released in November! Again, fingers crossed. We’ll see. I’m challenging my story-telling abilities on this one. I think I got it 😉

And now I must eat so that I can work. I understand why the earlier writers kept themselves inebriated while working–eating, sleeping and even going to the bathroom gets in the way of progress! LOL!

All best,