Still In Love With Her… Explore Her, More of Her… Rogue.Kiss, Misty Black Trilogy, Book ONE… 9/1/2014 Updates

Let’s get right to it!

Still in Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE) is now clearing the second round of proofing! Yay! Remember that the official release date is now September 12, 2014. I will probably release it earlier than the 12th but certainly not later. Still In Love With Her isn now available for pre-order on Google Play! Like usual when I’m writing, I happened upon a brand new series featuring Maggie, and co-starring Vince as her loyal and adoring soulmate. It involves her new career and I’m trying to figure out how to write those breakout novels. The problem is that I’m only one person, one writer, with a lot of books in three separate and distinctive series to write. So, I ask you to be my patient readers. Not only that but I have to book dates with MY editor. Believe me, if I go with a different editor you will know the difference. So please be patient. 🙂

Oh and for those who only purchase on Amazon, I do have the capability to setup pre-orders on Amazon but they’re so Draconian and rigid, which can pose a problem since I normally setup my books for the latest possible release date and then as the writing and editing commences, I usually set the date earlier. Amazon doesn’t make this sort of process easy so I’d rather do pre-orders on iBooks and Google Play only for the time being.


I’m now in the process of writing Explore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book TWO). I took at least two weeks off from creating to let the story guide me in my head. I had all of these pre-ideas of how I was going to write the story. If there aren’t any real forces of antagonism then there isn’t a story. Anyway, so I wrote this whole outline. I still may divert from the outline. I’ll have to write and see Although, I don’t think Daisy and Belmont are so screwed up in the head that their feet can’t be posted securely on the road to Happily Ever After in this book. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that this process is going to work and they’re going to get it… I mean, I can continue writing books–making up outward forces of antagonism but then that’s when we begin to cross the line of improbable stuff happening to the characters just because. You know, just making up stuff just to add to the book count. Plus, I think it’s time for Robert Tango to shed his scoundrel-scales. I also want to introduce you to more of the contemporary Americans who are falling in LOVE in the USA. Anyway. I must move on. I have 2300 more words to write today! LOL!

And yes… Next year, I will release Rogue.Kiss (bk. 1) Misty Black Trilogy! As soon as I’m done with Forget Me Never (Pt 2), which will exhaust me mentally, I will push myself and get Misty Black, The Beginning ready for the re-edit and re-release. It will be a free book. The thing is, a lot of you have been waiting for the next Misty Black novel and just to hold me to it, I’m going to setup the pre-oder for March 31, 2015. I’ll be unveiling the cover in the next couple of days! Yay!

So remember, after Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE), I have two more books to release this year. Explore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book TWO), which I will cross my fingers to get an editing date for October instead of November, and Forget Me Never (Pt 2). Then I will write Rogue.Kiss.

And now back to work!

Until my next release, which is coming SOON!


  • Michelle Munday

    I have been AWOL for a little while so I can sort through some RL stuff.
    I love the new make over of the blog.
    I am really excited for the release of the Misty Black Trilogy.
    I first discovered you when I came across a free copy of Misty Black on your blog.
    From there I started on the Parched series & continued with LOVE in the USA.
    And I was not convinced that I would like this series, I have never been a fan of romance, not EVER lol, so you truly won me over. I am off to buy

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Hi Michelle! I’m happy to hear it! From Misty to Love in the USA! What a stretch! 🙂 I think what all my books have in common is people interacting with people in the moment and on an emotionally honest level 🙂 Good to hear from you and I hope you like the new book! Z