The Fifth Sister – Free in the iBooks Store This Weekend!


So I believe that the Parched Novel Series is kind of my best work, although I’m loving where LOVE in the USA is going.

For a long time The Seventh Sister (Book 2) was the only free book in the Parched series. It was very easy to read Book 2 and then go to Book 1 because Book 2 is what I call an apostrophe story. We see the sister before she’s pulled into the main action. Well, The Fifth Sister (Book 4) is also an apostrophe book. We see Glo before she’s pulled into the main action. If you haven’t read any of the Parched novels then The Fifth Sister can be a good place to start.

And so, the book is free in the iBooks store this weekend. Of course Amazon may price-match, something that they do and if so you might be able to find there soon.

Here’s the description:

The most gorgeous guy in the world just moved in across the hallway from Glo Slater, The Fifth Sister. He says he’s a vampire, and it gets better. He’s a vampire slayer, and guess what? She is too! This waitress is about to discover her destiny, which leads her into the arms of a brooding vampire named Finn Elo.

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And now I must prepare to say good night 🙂