Confusion on Google Play – “Explore Her, More of Her” Pre-order!

Really quick…

I just wanted to let those who buy my books on Google Play know that “Explore Her, More of Her” will definitely be more than 15 pages. In order to setup a pre-order, I had to upload a file. I just uploaded 15 pages of the story, which I think is a rough draft of the first chapter.

So do not fear, the full book will be available to you upon release. The book is still in pre-order status on Google Play. It’s coming soon and I really can’t wait to get it to you! After I finished writing it I felt like following Daisy and Belmont around some more! LOL! She’s missed so much of her life and she’s ready to make up for it. You’ll see what I’m talking about. So, yeah, I’m thinking there will be a Daisy and Belmont, book 3 next year!

Anyway–I shall get back to work/writing. I was just checking my stats for Google Play and saw that there were sales for Explore Her, More of Her. I was like huh???? I never paid attention to pre-order data before. Anyway, I looked up the buy information online and saw a few readers are concerned about the length of the book. Thanks for voicing your concern. I’m sure there are others who have asked themselves the same question.

Later all!


  • charmaine

    Hi, i love daisy and belmont and ive read all the books. I was one of the people who wrote on google play, worried that it was only 15 pages i still bought it though because its worth it just to find out what happens next. Your an amazing author, i love your work and im so glad you took the time to reassure us. Thanks C x

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Ahh… Thank you for making me aware of the possible confusion! 🙂 I’m so happy you like the stories! And also, thank you for your gracious words 🙂 All best, Z!