Explore Her, More of Her Released on iBooks on 12/12/2014… That’s Soon!


So you don’t have to wait until the 15th if you purchase on iBooks! The preorder turns into buy now at midnight. Like Cinderella and the pumpkin–kind of… Or not 😉

Anyway the buy link is below just in case you want it without delay! It’ll be available on Google Play on 12/13/2014. I’ll try to have it on all other outlets between 12/14/ and 12/15.

Okay… Close to bed time. I’m going to sleep VERY good tonight! Last night I had the worst sleep. I received my Nespresso Vertuoline last night and let me tell you, I was like a pig in a fresh batch of mud. Well I fired up an espresso with froth and DRANK it! First I got dizzy. Then I felt as if I were drunk. It was crazy. Dude, I had a ROUGH night. LOL! Anyway, I drunk only one cup of coffee today, and from now on, I’m drinking only one cup of coffee a day. It doesn’t take much to make me change my habits.


Link Here!

Enjoy! I hope…



  • Marian Ball

    I have just finished reading Explore Her, which I onky started this afternoon, and once again I just couldn’t out down my iPad until I finished the book! It is so good to have Daisy & Jack back together again and have new members of Daisy’s family introduced as well. I have found that Anton is a very interesting character that I would love to read a lot more of too.
    Thank you ZL for your amazing books and I look. Forward to reading your next books in this series.

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Ahh… You’re welcome, Marian! And THANK YOU for coming this far with the series. I like Anton too! I’m thinking about writing a super couples book with everyone spending a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard. He’ll be included in that story. I’m still conceiving the story 😉 Thanks again for stopping by and sharing the love! All best, Z

  • Michelle

    Just read Daisy & Belmont #2 in a few hours! I couldn’t put it down! I am so happy with Daisy and Belmont’s reunion and the growth they have had! The ending made me cry with the family picture and Anton’s words. Priceless! I love all the books in the series and usually read them a few times. I like that they so conveniently come out in between semesters so I cannot be interrupted! 🙂 You never fail to deliver, Z! Haters gonna hate! Keep up the fabulous work! Can’t wait til June!

    • Z.L Arkadie

      Thanks so much Michelle! Humph… I never thought about it that way but I guess I do release on the semester system! LOL! I know this is a strange thing for the writer to say but I’m very happy for Daisy in this book. I really feel as if she’s open and ready to receive it all! 🙂 Thank so much for letting me know that you have experienced their growth 🙂 That means a lot to me 🙂 Warm Regards, Z

  • Myra L. Braxton

    Hi Z. L.,
    What an awesome writer you are! I have read the first three book from this series last year, and now I am on to book 4 and 5, I did not think that you would provide a sequel. I was stunned that you would write into the story line, that Daisy and Belmont would lose their baby. But, I understand that in being a good writer, this was the perfect way to bring this dynamic couple back together. I cannot wait to read book 6, the excerpt was awesome! Thank goodness for family and friends! Daisy and Belmont needed the push. I hope that this book gives Daisy and Belmont a second chance at love. Let them hash it out with an prision braclets and Dr. Luc!

    From a new fan!

    Myra L. Braxton