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Merry Christmas to All and A Happy New Year!

Wow, we only have one more day until Christmas! I just wanted to do the classy thing and stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas, we Wish U A Merry Christmas and A Happy New YEAR! 🙂

Have you done your shopping?

I tried today, I really did but all I ended up doing was reminding myself why I left LA in the first place. Three years away and it seems the population doubled and the traffic has gotten triple worse! I drove around parking lots trying to park so that I can shop but me and the hundred other cars were doing the same thing and I just gave up on the hunt. I went to a friend’s house tonight for a little Christmas gathering and my throat burned all the way there because I drove around today with the windows rolled down and the air pollution had set my throat on fire.

Traffic. And Pollution. That is why I left L.A. And the men sucked–at least I thought that then. I have come to appreciate L.A. men these days actually. They’re open-minded, business oriented professionals, and that’s sexy as heck. So what’s a single writer in L.A. to do??? I’ll figure it out. 😉

Anyway… Enough of my complaining. Tomorrow, I’ll drive out to PS I Love You–that’s Palm Springs I love you–and try to do some LAST minute shopping there. I have two more nephews and a niece that I MUST shop for. For me, Christmas shopping is all about them. Then I have a few younger cousins I have to shop for. The girls… Savannah and Chloe… They are the cutest little ladies… I want to buy them pretty little My Life Dolls.  I already bought Chloe a tea set. She always asks me to play tea with her but I remind her that I’m not a kid–“Leika doesn’t play tea” and then I give her all the change in my purse and sometimes I give her dollars. That’s always enough to stop her from asking! LOL!

Anyway… We got through another one people. And doesn’t it feel like it was January 1st only a week ago?????? Gosh. I had a talk with a lovely lady at the party tonight and we were like this year went by way too fast. The days passed too quickly. BUT nothing’s changed if you think about it. Our clocks haven’t gotten faster… Right??? They still tick at the same rate as they did when the they were first invented! Think about it–right????

And so… enjoy your families, friends, lovers and more importantly enjoy yourself 🙂 I’ll talk to you next year, and try to tell you what my publishing plans are for 2015. BTW, I took professional photos last week and I got the low-res today and they look fabulous darling! I can’t wait to get them up. So early next year, I’ll have new author photos and you can really get a good look at me! 🙂

Talk to you soon–be naughty and nice 😉

All best,

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