“Z.L. Arkadie Books” Plans for 2015!

Well the new year has arrived and we’re already four days deep into it. For the past three years I’ve announced my publishing plans for the year. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with the plan.

Today, I’ve started to write out lists for my life. Like when I meet a guy and things don’t feel quite right. Well, creating an honest list helps me come to some conclusions. So I’ll write my honest list for publishing in 2015 below:

Confirmed Books:

1. Made To Like Her (Maggie & Vince, #2) – Release April 1, 2015
2. He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, which will feature Robert Tango – Release June 30, 2015
Getting over the hurdle is the theme of these two books.
3. Forget Me Never (Pt. II) The Search for A Vampire – Parched – September 2015

Expected Releases:

1. The final Parched Novel – December 2015 or early 2016

The thing is I, as the writer, have to be moved to continue the story. Period. And just because I started a story four years ago, doesn’t mean I’ll feel like continuing it four years later. Writers grow. We change. So, I’m wrapping the Parched series this year. The story has gotten too large to contain.

2. I may be able to release another LOVE in the USA book in 2015. I know what story is supposed to come after He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story–which is a Charlie & Angelina book. Charlie & Angel, #2 will be book 9 in the LOVE in the USA series. And I’m sure there’s going to be at least one more book in the Robert Tango series, being that he has serious intimacy issues.

Regarding Misty Black… I still don’t know about that series. The thing is, Misty Black The Beginning is officially retired. There will be no re-release of that novel because I don’t write YA and I don’t want YA associated with my brand. Not only that but I’ve changed since I started the series. I mean, there are a lot of core issues that are still part of my belief system, like the destroyed environment and prediction of what will happen to our society if corporate capitalism continues to go unchecked. And what’s interesting is I started this series on the foundation of criticizing those two aspects of our society in 2005–way before Citizens United. The thing is, we are going the way of Misty Black even as I type this. Anyway… If I release the Misty Black series in the future, then it’s going to be adult, futuristic-fantasy. It’s going to be raw, not in a sexual way, but in detailing what humans are truly capable of. We as power seeking beings. The world is going to be dark, and ugly, and bitter. And my writing is going to be even rawer than raw… I’m going to write from my veins, my nerves, going way past my soul because my soul is too good. No–I’m going to the core. That animalistic core that has been civilized.  And if this comes, it’s coming in 2016.

So in 2016, I’ll have more LOVE in the USA books to write. I still have Monroe’s story. We’re seeing her grow in Maggie & Vince’s books, and a girl’s gotta fall in love right???? THEN, I’ll see where Daisy & Belmont are at. In my mind, Belmont’s a man who doesn’t have a problem with intimacy. He’s resolved his issue with control/dominancy. And ladies, that is an issue. Believe me… It may look sexy on paper or on an e-reader screen but that alpha-male “shit” stinks in real life–from the root to the tip. So, we’ll see. If there’s no conflict, then there isn’t a story to write. So, I’m not going to force it because reader merely want to see more of their happily-ever-after. Heck, I wanted to know more too! BUT, I don’t predict any conflict. And there’s no dramatic story in watching a couple raise a kid. There’ just isn’t… If there are no forces of antagonism, then there’s no story. Now repeat that….  😉

Anyway… Those are my writing plans for the year. In my personal life, I want to travel more. I’m intrigued by traveling to different parts of the world. I want to master foreign travel. I want to master it because I want to push myself past my comfort level. Like, I put all of these cushions around me. I want to rip those away and just be. That’s going to be EXTREMELY difficult because cushions are erected by fears. Also, I’m going to stop making stupid decisions in 2015. Heck, I’m not a kid anymore! See a kid behaves as if she doesn’t already know the outcome of stupid decisions. Granted, I started the year making stupid decisions but from this day forward–DONE. I will make adult decisions. I was going to buy a house this year but I don’t know anymore. I feel as if I need to travel and live without the cushions before settling down. I mean, every girl’s gotta fall in love right??? And I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m not afraid to admit that to myself and any man that I meet. 🙂 Truth? Writing the LOVE in the USA series has gotten me to this point. In 2015, I’m ready to really LIVE. So wish me luck because it’s going to be scary as heck but I must do it.

Signing off from this post…

I hope your new year is filled with plain old HAPPINESS. Happiness is so underrated but truly it’s the one thing we all really need for the rest of the good stuff to come to pass.

All best,