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Explaining Myself – Version of Find Her, Keep Her

One of the beauties of being an Indie is that we get to spruce up the story whenever the feeling hits. And so, I don’t know, three, four months ago I streamlined Find Her, Keep Her. When you were reading the book did you see these two words?


If so, I deeply apologize. See, I read through the story, changing parts of it if I wanted to and when I went to bed or stepped away, I wrote “START HERE” in the manuscript. Also, I made other stupid mistakes during the revising process, like they’re instead of their or there. Anyway… Last month my instincts told me to schedule another proofing with my editor ┬ábecause I’ve always been uneasy about those changes I’ve made and I’ve learned the hard way that I (writers) CANNOT and SHOULD NOT self edit.

The proof was completed on yesterday. I went through the file and was flabbergasted by my mistake of leaving START HERE in the manuscript. And then there was another one where somehow the end of one sentence was inserted in the sentence beneath it.

I just can’t…

I do apologize.

I’m in SF right now and I have to check out of this place by 11:00AM so I don’t have the time re-read through this post. But thank you very much if you stuck with Find Her, Keep Her after reading those errors.

Working on Made to Like Her. The next book in the Maggie & Vince series is Made to Love Her! ­čśë

Later and have a happy Sunday!


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