The Old College Try – Thwarted… Made To Like Her Update…

So yeah…

Remember I squeezed this book into the schedule at the last minute? Well… I’m more than halfway done but my editing submission date was next week on the 13th of February. Unfortunately there’s no way I’m going to be done by then. So this book has taking off in a direction that I hadn’t planned for.


It’s a good thing…

I like it.

And I’m not going to force the story just to make a deadline. Basically, I need another week to finish but my editors next opening is March 13th. So I’ll finish and put it on the shelf until then. As soon as I’m done with Made To Like Her, I’ll start on He’s So Bad. Then, I’ll take a brief break–a little vacation of some sort. Where do I want to go?

Somewhere in the U.S.

Anyway… So obviously the release date has to be pushed up or back, it’s late and I have stuff to do before tomorrow so I can’t look up which is right but basically I have to move it from April 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015. And of course I’m hoping to release earlier than that.


The program on my DVR ended and now a bad TV show is on my TV. Must. Change. Channel. Before my head EXPLODES.

Until next week lovely ladies!

I still have some questions to ask you 🙂

Much love,