Good Evening (or Morning)!

I just finished upgrading my blog software so that I can use more features. During the course of making the switch, I lost A LOT of followers. My brain is too  exhausted to stress about it. However, I once wrote that I will soon ask readers of my books some questions. Remember that?

Form removed. Thank You for answering.

In other news, I’ve finished Made To Like Her (Maggie & Vince, #2) AND all six books in the LOVE in the USA series are in paperback. I’ll blog about it tomorrow. To commemorate the the accomplishment, I’m going to do a 6 book giveaway. And finally, the audio version of Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story should be released soon, like in the next couple of weeks!




  • Natoshia Hines

    Good day to you,

    How do we go about entering in to the drawing for the paper backs? I’m beyond excited.. I tried early on looking for them in paper back at Barnes Noble’s. No luck of course.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Natoshia!

      I’m excited too! I enter the details of the Giveaway today. I’ll also provide a link to where the books can purchased right this very moment. I believe all but one of the books are available on Amazon.com right now as well.

      I’m excited that you’re excited! Thanks for stopping by! All best, Z

  • tiffany haughton

    I love your books it’s just you take a year to complete just one book if you gonna do that it doesn’t make no sense for you to write so many in a series until i forget about it…. when is clarity&baron story in book2 the parched series coming out and when is vince& Maggie amazon kindle coming out

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Tifanny!

      I apologize for your frustration 🙁 . I so wish I could write faster. I used to be able to write faster until I burned myself out at the end of last year. This year, I have 4 books planned and I’m really trying to stay on track with them. To make it easy and stay informed about the next release you can subscribe to my blog, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for my mailing list. Regarding Clarity & Baron, I’ve tried to think about the purpose of another book. At the moment, I’m not seeing one. If you decide to read Made To Like Her, you’ll see snippet of how they’re getting along. I blog later about the LOVE in the USA series in general. Also, I see that you read on Amazon Kindle. I set up pre-orders on iBooks and Google Play mainly. However, I’ll get those pre-orders set up on Amazon. They’re just so touchy with pre-orders but I think I’ve come up with a method that will work.

      Thanks so much your message. Oh, and I’m going to start writing on Forget Me Never (Pt. II) as soon as I finish He’s So Bad, which I’m starting on today! I’m going to set the pre-order on Amazon.com for Forget Me Never (Pt. II) To release on October 15, 2015 BUT I plan to release in early September. Pre-orders will always be set on date past the release date.

      And Thanks again for bearing with me 🙂

      All best,