Thank You for Telling Me Who You Are!

I just wanted to really THANK YOU for who you are. I asked if you would tell me who you are because a few months ago I was having lunch with colleagues and one of them asked if I had any data on who reads my books. Well, what I’ve learned is EVERYONE reads my books!

You live all over the country and the world–shout out to the Aussies! I can’t believe how many Aussie readers I have. I love it! You’re from the South (a lot of you!), West Coast, East Coast and Mid West. You’re in South Africa, Japan, the UK and so many other countries around the world–like Bahrain! You are Gen X’ers, Y’ers, Millennials and Boomers. Most of you ladies are married but a healthy number of you are single. You’re high school graduates, attended some college, graduated from college and have  Masters and Doctorate degrees.

As a writer, I have collected the most encouraging data! I’ve learned that because my demographic isn’t so stagnate that I’m doing my job! I never intended to write for people who search for sameness and consensus. I never intended to write for those who need to read what they can identify with in order to feel safe and validated. That’s what cliches and stereotypes are for. Hey, not knocking that market, because if I could do it, I would. Heck, I’ll be a WHOLE lot richer!  But I’m just too much of a critical thinker to not shake things up. Because that’s what life does to us, shakes us up.

So I would like to say THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy days and nights to fill out the form. I so like this two-way communication between us. And thank you all for being genuinely good people. I know most writers would communicate more with their readers if there weren’t a handful of nut jobs out there who would ruin the process by telling them how much their books ruined their lives.  LOL! Well, I haven’t run into that type of reader in a very long time. I was a little afraid that opening this sort of dialog would lure the crazies but it hasn’t. So again, thank all of you lovely people who had participated for participating.

And now I must wind down for the evening. Bath. Clear my mind. Thank God for my perpetual happiness 🙂

Until next time,

Much Love,



  • Jolene Jones

    I received Find Her Keep Her for free from Facebook. Love it. So I bought the next 2 of the series. I like romance books. I am not a fan of graphic sex but the story overrides the sexy parts so I just skim those parts. I am retired and reading is my main entertainment. I’m very happy I found you.