Next Planned LOVE in the USA release(s)

Now that many of you have read He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, I can share my plans for the next two book releases in the LOVE in the USA series.

Well, you’ve all met Robert Tango’s new love interest. I can confirm that fate has certainly put them together and they are brave enough to wait for Fate to finish her work. You’ll see more of the two of them together in Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince). If you read He’s So Bad, then you know why. But I will also release another book along with Made To Love Her titled “He’s So Good.” It will be the ONLY breakout book in the Robert Tango series so I have some serious plans for that story and I can’t wait to start crafting the stories!

If you’ve finished He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story, then you probably feel that Robert Tango has done his work 🙂 At least I feel that way! Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to give away his future.

Alright. Time to get to work. 🙂 I just thought it was important to share those details.

Questions??? If you have any, leave them in the comment section and I get to them as fast as I can.


Have a fantastic day!

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