Audio Edition of Find Her, Keep Her for $1.99

Just a quick FYI before I get back to writing one of the many books I plan to release before the end of the year!

By December 31st smoke will be snaking out of my ears but you will have Forget Me Never Pt. II, Made To┬áLove Her, He’s So Good and at least two books in a surprise series that I’m working on with a co-writer to read! The good news is that I’m excited about all the books that I’m writing! And I probably won’t slow down until the end of 2016! I want to write a few books in the LOVE in the USA series featuring Monroe and that cutie from Know Her, Lover Her–Dexter Frampton. Ohhh…. I can’t wait to get my hands on him! LOL! Picture that doctor from Grey’s Anatomy–Jackson Avery… That’s who I pictured when I wrote Dexter Frampton. Yummy, right???? ­čśë

So as I bring Daisy, Maggie, Charlie and Robert’s stories to a close, I’m opening up new stories! Regarding Parched, I have some ideas… While writing Forget Me Never Pt. II┬áa new idea came to me! That means I MIGHT, more than likely, will be writing 7 more books in this series BUT please don’t rush me… The brain power and time needed to write the Parched novels are unmatched by any other series that I’m writing so I will announced them in due time.

And now the reason for this post.

Good news!

I just noticed that if you purchased a copy of “Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story,” then you can get the audio edition on amazon.com for $1.99! It’s regularly $17.95. That’s a lot of savings! The good news is that the Kindle version of Find Her, Keep Her is free! Do┬áthe math and┬áthink about how great this deal is! I’m not sure how long it’s going to last! Amazon.com is quite unpredictable. Once they start seeing a bunch of buys at $1.99 they might jack up the price. (Shrug) Who knows! But Cate Strey is an EXCELLENT narrator! And it’s the original version so┬áthere’s┬álots of sex, which lots of people have when they first meet–that’s lots of sex…


I have to rush to eat dinner NOW. I’m starving ­čÖé The link is below!

Audio Edition – Find Her, Keep Her: A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story

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