I’m Still Around…

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post that’s not quite about writing. So I thought, let me return to my roots for a moment. When I first started blogging, I had zero published books. So I mainly used to write about my hectic and confused life. Well… Many years later and that has changed–a lot!

I have returned to my roots–the desert. I’ve been living here since the end of May.  Once a California desert rat, always a California desert rat. But I drive up to LA every now and then for…. this or that.  I’ve been writing like CRAZY. But that’s my fault. I got caught in the world of endless story. I’ve learned the power of writing a short series, no more than three books, and  (swipes hands) move on to the next. So now I’m under pressure to wrap up the stories of Daisy & Belmont, Maggie & Vince, that one for Charlie & Angel and Robert & Carter. That’s 4 more books I have to write for the initial stories of the LOVE in the USA series. Afterwards, I’m writing the stories differently. You’ll see! 🙂

But enough about work.

In real life, I’ve discovered that romance heroes only exist in prose… LOL! Like, I get it. I’m trying to understand why that is. I mean, is it simply that we are only human. I remember reading a saying that goes something like this, “unfortunately there is no cure for being human.” Our condition runs deep and a series of bad experiences during childhood can send us spiraling out of control and into the depths of a condition that takes tons of counseling and doing the hard work to recover from. And so, I think that’s the closest we get to a romance hero or heroine–a person who constantly works on their “shit.”  I do that. And I think that’s why I fell for the man that I’m dating in the first place. The night we met, we talked for hours. It was refreshing to meet someone who lived beyond the clouds. That was nine months ago, and we’re still making a go at it. It’s tough–TOUGH.  Dealing with your issues  is not easy. But as long as I understand, and he does too, that we’re both dealing with human beings, who bring their history into a relationship, then we should be okay, or at least HAPPILY remain lovers or friends, or friends and lovers for a long, long, long time.


We shall see…

So back to work… LOL!

I’m struggling to get through Forget Me Never (Pt. II). I’m writing another book with a writing partner. We had to reconstruct the entire middle because it fell flat story-wise. And since paranormal romance about ADULT characters, high fantasy elements and a lot of sex doesn’t do too well in the current market, Parched doesn’t make me much money. So in essence, I’m writing the series for those who are into it. I know of a few successful indies who abandoned their paranormal series after it stopped paying and now they’re making tons of cash writing contemporary/erotic romance, starring twenty-two year old girls, who men fall in love with because they’re beautiful and the men, usually twenty-eight but with maturity well above his years is some kind of karma sutra of sex–only, the way he’s doing it, gives none of the reactions the 21 year old heroine is displaying. And if one has had a lot sex during your twenties and way better sex in y our 30’s with skilled lovers, she, the reader, would know this.   Well, I didn’t do that. So please… bare with me because after all, I have to make a living at this. But I will NEVER write 21-23 year old heroines who fall for a guy because he’s hot and dominating, and he wants her because she beautiful, and needs a daddy–and they live happily ever after on that.


So I’m going to drop the price of Forget Me Never Pt. 2  to 99¢ and the book will be between 100-130 pages. It will be jam-packed with action and emotional tie-ups. It’ll be short but GOOD. 😉

And so, I must get to work.  Maybe I’ll start doing more “brain fart” blogging in the ensuing days. My days are generally filled with writing and letting my BF (kind of BF–I’m not secure in the relationship enough to believe in it–my issues. His issues… Hard work.) rip me away from the computer so that I can enjoy life some… I love that about him.

Love, Peace and above all Happiness…


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