New Release Snapshot (1) — Forget Me Never (Pt. 2)

I will be releasing snapshots of “Forget Me Never (Pt. 2): The Search For Time” until the book is released on November 30, 2015!

“She’s mine!” Vicante wraps me up from behind.

But I obey my instincts and take the stranger’s hand. Our fingers enfold. Light blasts in my head, jumbling my thoughts. The noise is like fingernails scraping the chalkboard, and I’m free-falling into an abyss of perpetual nothingness.

What’s my name?

Where am I?

I’m struggling to exist.

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Z.L. Arkadie is an indie author of romance fiction. So far she has published three book series: Parched (Paranormal Romance), LOVE in the USA (Contemporary Romance) and The Sexy Series (Contemporary Romance co-written with T.R. Bertrand). Z.L. doesn't write your average romance. Her books are edgy--characters break all the "rules" and happy endings don't come easy.