LOVE in the USA Series – NO LONGER IN Kindle Unlimited.


The Love in the USA series in no longer in Kindle Unlimited.

Go to Shop Z.L. Arkadie to pick up any ebook in the series at your e-tailer of choice.


  • Eunice C

    Your books are so juicy, I love each one of them . I always look forward to the next anxiously. You are a talented blessed writer

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks so much, Eunice! I truly appreciate you stopping by to share love 🙂 The good news is that you won’t have to wait long. The first part of 2016 is going to be riddled with new releases! So stay tuned! All best, Z

  • Erica Naranjo

    Omg I just finished sexy boss combo edition and it was sooooo good , I hate I have to wait your books are amazing .. I can red your books over and over again

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Wow! Thanks, Eric! BTW, we’ve decided to add final part to The Sexy Boss Sedition, like a part 3, before we combine all the books into one story. It should be ready before the release of The Sexy Professor – Redemption but you’re in the ARC group so you’ll be getting the third part plus the Sexy Professor before the release day! Yay! 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by to give us the thumbs up on The Sexy Boss – Sedition! T.R. and I truly appreciate it!