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Mark your calendars. The release date is January 31, 2016

And here’s an excerpt:

The Sexy Professor – Redemption

Since Calypso Café is pretty far from campus, not many students hang out here, so finding a place to sit is easy. Today there’re far fewer patrons than usual. It might have something to do with the weather. The rain has started to pick up too.

The bells on the door ring when I walk in. The sound catches Gina’s attention.

“Well, look who the cat dragged in,” she says from behind the counter, grinning.

“Hi!” I sing. My heart feels genuinely warmed by the sight of her face.

Her boss, Randy, narrows his eyes at me as if it’s my fault he’s pissed at Gina. “Your break is fifteen minutes—not sixteen,” he says, shaking his finger at her.

She rolls her eyes dismissively. “Have a seat, Nom. I’ll be there in a sec.”

Gina is the only person who calls me Nom. I give her a thumbs-up and walk down the aisle to find a table. I pass the booth Elena and I used to like to sit in and opt for the booth near the far left corner of the café, close to the street entrance. We used to hate sitting on this side of the room because it’s so distracting with everyone coming in and out of the rear door, but I don’t have to worry today since most people decided to stay home and out of the thunderstorm.

Gina wears the same welcoming smile as she struts toward my table while tapping her watch. “So how long has it been since I’ve seen you? A decade?”

I snort facetiously. “More like two weeks.”

She stands over me. “You could’ve answered my calls and texts.”

I turn down the corners of my mouth. “I know—sorry. I was just in such a bad way that I didn’t want to talk to anyone. Not even the people I love who are still breathing and walking the earth.”

After a moment, she sighs and slides into the seat across from me. “You look miserable.”

I spread my hands over my face. “I’m going to drop my classes,” I say in a rush.

I peep at Gina through the spaces between my fingers to gauge her reaction.

Her back is against the seat as if she’s been blown away by what I said. “Wow, well…” She sighs. “That’s pretty gangster of you. Have you broken the news to Dick Sutters?” She’s referring to my father.

I shake my leg nervously and gnaw on my bottom lip as I stare at the wood pattern of the table. “No.”

“He’s going to blow a major gasket, being that he’s been footing the bills for your law school experience.”

“I know,” I groan.

She’s quiet, so I look up.

Gina is watching me with narrowed eyes. “Why are you quitting anyway?”

I shrug. “I’m just not into it anymore.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with Elena, does it?”

I twist my mouth dubiously.

“It’s not your fault, Nom.”

I pick nervously at a scratch on the table. “But I’m the one who left her.”

Gina rolls her eyes. “Oh fucking goodness. I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but Elena was a big girl who made her own choices—good or bad. Everyone knew that but you.” Her eyes widen as she looks past me. “OMG, it’s sex on a stick.”

I frown curiously and then turn to see who she’s referring to. I gasp and quickly turn back around. “It’s Professor Valentine.”


I lean forward to whisper, “He just offered to help me get back on track.”

She looks taken aback. “What do you mean back on track?”

“He offered to tutor me, personally.” That sounded more salacious than what I meant.

Gina’s eyes and mouth expand. “Oh shit, Nom, he wants to fuck you.”

I balk. “Huh? No, he doesn’t.”

“Oh yes, he does.” Gina’s smile stretches wider, and she waves. “Hey, Professor Valentine!”

I chastise her with my eyes.

“How are you, Gina!” He sounds cheery.

“Here he comes,” she says through her painted-on smile and without moving her lips.

I put my hands over my face and slouch in my seat. What if Gina’s right?

End of Excerpt

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