In the beginning… (while writing He’s So Good: Robert & Carter )

It always sucks.

I’m writing… He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) and if you’ve been around for a while, when I used to blog more, then you know writing the beginning of the story is the most torturous part.
I feel discombobulated. Nothing is going right in or out of the world of the story I’m telling. I feel like I’m never going to get going–I’m never going to finish. And what I’ve already written sounds okay but I’m pretty sure it’s how I want to start. I’m playing off the first paragraph of “He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story.”
It starts like this:  She moans, and it makes me harder.
Here’s what I feel…
I feel “He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story” is the best book in the LOVE in the USA series as a whole. I loved writing all the books but there was something about “He’s So Bad” that made me feel as if I was constructing a masterpiece out of Robert Tango–a fully alive and complex human being, captured in fiction. So if you haven’t read the book, grab it. I’m thinking about promoting it soon. But first, I have to find my way out of the start of the book blues. And, in addition to “He’s So Good,” written by me, I’m writing “The Sexy Artist – Fixation” with T.R.
At first I thought I needed a hug but I think I need to dig deep and find some extra tenacity.
Here’s another reason why I have to dig deep. It’s cold as heck in this house and it’s on propane. Well… propane in Southern California is upwards of $3.50 a gallon! Rip offs!!! So, we’ve been keeping the thermostat set to like 65 degrees max. I know that’s wimpy to a lot of you in other parts of the country but cut me a little slack–I grew up in the Sunshine state! LOL! 😉
Also, we were supposed to run a mega promo on The Sexy Boss – Sedition today but it fell through because of Amazon. I think that’s really irking me the most. I really want this series to get off the ground. It’s good. It’s different for me. I like it.
Now that that’s all out, maybe I can grab something to eat and get back to work. I. must. move. forward. One word at a time. One sentence at a time. One paragraph at a time. One chapter at a time.
And so, happy writing to me and happy reading to  you–or if you’re a writer then happy writing to you 🙂
Oh, and keep your eyes peeled open for “Made To Love Her” the final book featuring Maggie & Vince. By now it’s solidified–they’ve been together long enough to make it legal in the eyes of humans, and through enough to know they want spend the rest of their lives together. I think when you’re done reading this story, you’re going to feel that whatever life throws at this couple, they’re going to stay together, and it took There’s Something About Her, Still In Love With Her, Made To Like Her and Made To Love Her to make it work between these two independent, ambitious and contemporary people. 🙂
Also Robert, Carter and Monroe have nice roles in Made To Love Her. If you want a fuller look of what happened before “He’s So Good” starts, then make sure you read Made To Love Her. 😉
Okay… back to the drawing board. I’m starting to feel separation anxiety and my computer is at 50% battery life.
Until next the time…
Much love and lots of peace,