Apologies My LOVE in the USA Readers… Apologies.

Apologies because I certainly didn’t make reading the LOVE in the USA series uncomplicated.

So… you’re emotionally invested in one character and their continuing story and then WHAM, the next story stars an entirely different character and his or her love story. However, to my defense, at least the characters in the previous book are related to the character in the next book. And, the main characters in the previous book will show up in the next book. I mean… At least. Right????


I think I did it because A–I’m a nerd and B–I was intrigued by the thought of people/characters living while something significant is happening in other characters’ lives (see, I’m a nerd). Does that make sense? Like, while Maggie & Vince are getting together, the honeymoon is over for Belmont and Daisy from Find Her, Keep Her (A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story).  We learn about what’s going on with them through incidences in Maggie’s life.

You see… I thought that was clever.

But then I left you hanging so long to find out what happens next in the primary characters’ lives from book 1 that I had to wait until book 4 to get to them. However, if you read books 2 and 3, then you know what sort of difficulties Daisy and Belmont had faced. First in the story about Maggie, Belmont’s cousin, and then in the story about Charlie, Belmont’s brother. However, this madness continues because you have to wait until book 5 to get back to Maggie & Vince, and then book 7 and then book 9.


Well, at least I’m going to give you an option to read through all of Maggie & Vince books soon. I’m compiling them into a boxset just to see how it goes (It’s now available on Google Play). I sort of have mixed feelings about releasing this version because I don’t want  you to lose the rich experience of reading each story back to back and in order. Here’s what I would say to you–know that if you read There’s Something About Her (book 2), then you will learn more about Daisy & Belmont (book 1) in that story. The same goes for later books. So you read, He’s So Bad ( A San Francisco Love Story). Well, if  you read Made To Love Her (9), then you will see more of Robert and Carter’s relationship before He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) is released.

Let me digress for a moment. OMG, tonight’s sunset is miraculous. I live in the desert and I promise you every I’m privy to a spectacular sunset. I’ll show a picture below.

Anyway… I would like to say THANK YOU for sticking with me.

I forgot… The third reason why I wrote the books so complicated was out of sheer ignorance. I never considered sitting on the other side of this keyboard. I mean, I, myself, usually wait until a series is completed to start reading it.  I mean, I’m still making you wait for the final Charlie & Angel story and Daisy & Belmont story. Actually, I want to have a lot of fun with those two stories so they should be interesting. I’m outlining Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel) now!

Also, there’s a lot of sex in the earlier books but my writing partner and I have spent the last three or four months pondering the value of sex in romance and we’ve come to some interesting conclusions. I think from He’s So Bad (A San Francisco Love Story) onwards you have seen and will see a healthier expressions of sex. Where this (circling a finger around my nether regions) isn’t the full value of a woman’s worth and a couple’s expression of love

You know what I mean????

Like what makes a lasting relationship is being able to share your deepest fears with that other person and not get judged, penalized or shunned for it.  Basically, they’re in love because they have become really good friends, who are attracted to and are in love with each other. Other expressions of love are loyalty, support, humor, sharing, compromise and respect.

Okay… So I  conclude this with a promise to never do that again. Disrupt a story by changing the main characters in the next release. I do plan to write Monroe, Hannah, Dexter, Rose and possibly Anton’s story but I’ll do them in sequential order. For instance, I’ll release She’s So Bad (A XXXX LOVE Story) and She’s So Good (Monroe & ?) back to back, and possibly at the same time or no more than a month apart.

At least that’s my goal!


T.R. and I are coming up with a remarkable series. Have you tried the Sexy Series? That’s not the series I’m referring to but the books in The Sexy Series are  not as sexual as the LOVE in the USA books but you still get an emotionally charged story that draws in you and won’t let go of you until “the end.” The reason why they’re not as sexual is because I don’t have three or four books to solidify the characters bond beyond the stand-alone novel. I have to get to the emotional/real bond.  And let me tell you, all the hot, steamy, butt licking sex ends at some point–always. Unless he or she has some issues. LOL! We’re definitely going to deal with issues in the next series we’re writing (again, a different one besides the LOVE in the USA series). The idea is novel so I don’t want to give it away! 😉

Okay. It’s time for me to get back to writing on the outline for  The Sexy Chef – Domination. Also, He’s So Good (Robert & Carter) cleared it’s first round of editing. Guess what??? I’m super happy with the story. I can’t wait to get it to my ARC readers, get you some samples and then finally release it! Yay. Also, The Sexy Artist Fixation is in the second phase of first round editing. T.R and I are going through the edits this week.

So as you see… I have A LOT to do, and that’s after taking off the week before last. But never fear, I’m determined to get  you the books that are supposed to be released this year.

Oh and here’s that sunset! Sigh…. Amazing, isn’t it?

Toodles! And until next time!

Tonight's sunset


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