Nothing Compares 2 U… Prince


Today my heart is broken. It’s so hard to believe the Prince is actually gone. The man taught a generation the TRUE meaning of sexy. The man who taught us to be bold. “Make the rules, then break them all cause you are the best.” But I think the reason I can’t stop crying is because musical artists dispense more than great music. They capture emotion, they strengthen the soul and the real great ones that are few and far between give us power. Power to be what’s deep in us, beyond scripts and programming and socialization. They allow our spirits, minds and souls to break free. And that’s why I can’t stop crying.

I’m so thankful I caught two shows during his Welcome 2 America tour at The Forum. If you’ve been following me for years, then you’ll remember that was one of my first blog posts. I was so excited, enthralled and satisfied. I wanted to catch so many more concerts by him. I planned to do so in 2017 and hopefully this year, waiting for his Piano and Mic tour to reach California. 🙁 The reason why I could plan to OD on Prince concerts is because he was so accessible to his fans–tickets weren’t overpriced, he preformed often and gave us his ALL.

Okay. I must leave it. I know that he will RIP and will always be my favorite–always.

The stage at Prince "Welcome 2 America" concert series at The Forum, Inglewood
The stage at Prince “Welcome 2 America” concert series at The Forum, Inglewood

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