… Prince …

(REPOST on 6/21/2016. ORIGINALLY POSTED on 5/15/2011)

The memory I will always hold dear.

I warn you…

This post is not about writing…

It’s about an earth shaking explosion of an experience I had last night!

The stage at Prince “Welcome 2 America” concert series at The Forum, Inglewood

Okay–so, I’ve seen the man himself in concert on the TV screen and still somehow found myself infused by his greatness. And you know when you go to a concert, they’re all “pitchy” and lip syncing because they’re moving around doing all this extra dancing to make up for their lack of singing ability?

Well, not Prince.

Listen–he is really only like — 5’2″ (a little guy) with an astronomical, inflated, humungous, and all the rest of those adjectives that means BIG x 3000 or more–presence!

I just kept saying, “wow” and again, “wow” and over and over again… He never misses a note (NEVER). I mean, how old is this guy? 20???? He looks 25 and moves like a teenager.  I mean first he’s at the tip of the symbol, next thing you know he’s jumped on top of the piano, next thing you know, he’s doing the splits at the back of the stage where the pit is about to lose their minds, reaching out for him begging for MORE! MOOOORE!!!  And did he even sweat? Or did he look absolutely perfect, through my adoring lenses? And those facial expressions–the definition of true sex appeal…Man … sighh…. And let me tell you, there were men in the audience mesmerized by him too…

And you know you have to be good when you can get us LA’ians off of our feet and dancing and shouting and out of our pretentiousness for a solid 2 hours–

And you know you’re unmatched when you get us pretentious LA’ians to sit around for thirty minutes after you TRULY packed it up, begging for more… no, really, like BEGGING… shouting and stomping our feet–watching the detail pack Shelia E’s drums set up and we still are staring at the stage just hoping he’d come back for at least ONE MORE song…

But here’s the thing about us LA’ians–we don’t get mad. We don’t complain… We drop another $180+ for next week’s concert!

We have discussion with the person sitting next to us precisely about that!

“I’m coming back.”

“How many times have you come?”

“This is my third time”

“My friend’s, friend, neighbor’s, dog walker, said he comes back three times and stays on stage as late as 2:00AM!”

“Oh well, see you next week.”

None of us mentioning which show we’ll catch because he’s been sold out for every one of them…

Ahhh…twas nice…

And now, back to reality…I must return to writing the vampire novel!

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