A Taste of “He’s So Good (Robert & Carter)”

He’s So Good
(Robert & Carter)

She moans, and it makes me harder. We’re in the bedroom. I’m at Jack’s house in Denver for Vince and Maggie’s wedding. It’s way past midnight. It sounds as if the reception party is finally winding down. I can hardly believe I’m doing this again. She’s on top of my bed, positioned on her hands and knees, cheek kissing the pillow and ass up. I shift in and out of her steamy wetness, infatuated by her sexy profile. I’m giving it to her slowly, and it feels too damn good.

By the way she’s moaning, it feels good to her too. But these deep, overwhelming sensations racing through me are not only confined to my groin—something’s happening in my heart. The music in the distance isn’t helping me contain my emotions. The chords are slower than they’ve been all day—sultrier—and my thrusts are in rhythm.

“Oh, Robert,” she sighs and bites the tip of her thumb.

“Shit,” I whisper, trying not to let loose inside her. It’s tough because I’m so fucking turned on. I’d been fighting the urge to make love to her since seeing her three days ago. We both traveled to Denver for the wedding. I was ecstatic when Vince asked me to be his best man. He said that I was his clear choice even though I’d betrayed him.

My excitement is about to explode. Not yet. I concentrate on not coming and pull out of her pulsating wetness. I push a deep breath past my clenched teeth as I grasp her by the hips and rotate her onto her back. I open her thighs and bask in the sight of her dripping slit. Our eyes connect. The seductive way she’s looking at me makes me lose my head. My tongue itches to get a taste of her juices. She’s been creaming since I plunged myself inside her. I close my eyes and suck in air sharply between my teeth. Suddenly a feeling washes over me, and my eyes pop open. My mind starts racing because I’m confused about everything that’s going on between this sexy woman and me.

Nine Hours Earlier…

End of sample

This book releases on May 17, 2016.

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