Quick Question For Fans… Which Cover Do You Like Best?

WOW! What a response, and so much helpful information. The OVERWHELMING consensus is that B feels like a better read and has a better feel, although A’s pink is eye-catching but it’s too much.  Basically, too much pink.

Personally, I like “A” a lot. Although I agree there’s too much pink. The best covers have contrast–light, dark and color. But what I like most about “A” is the titling–fonts and design.

So… I’m still going to punch-up my existing covers but stay closer to the current concept 🙂

THANKS SO MUCH for your input. I truly, truly, truly appreciate it!



I had to remove “A” because the cover is back on the market.

But “B” was my existing cover below. We’re going to punch it up and I’ll do another comparison soon! So stay-tuned! And thanks again for your abundant feedback–that was really helpful!
find her keep her_200x300