Get Ready Because Here It Comes!

Say You Love Me (Charlie & Angel) that is!

The story will definitely be released on August 31, 2016.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. It took me longer than usual to make it to this story because I really wanted to write The Sexy Series. But the time between LOVE in the USA releases have been so expansive and for that I apologize. Since November 2015, I have released 7 books–4 in The Sexy Series and 3 in the LOVE in the USA series. By the time I submitted Say You Love Me to the editor my brain was smoking like a chimney.

So I have one more LOVE in the USA series release this year–Adore Her, More of Her (Daisy & Belmont, #3). I’m outlining the story NOW. I’m so excited about where it’s taking me. This will also be the final book that will focus on the Lords (Daisy, Belmont, Charlie, Angel and everyone associated with them), so I’m planning on writing a BIG story.

I’ve also been thinking about writing A Maggie Adams series but I don’t want to take on too much. With Maggie I can easily cross over into romantic suspense and that excites me. You’ll see what I mean after reading Say You Love Me. But I promise you I will NEVER employ ghostwriters, EVER. If I’m the author of the novel, then I guarantee you I wrote the book–ME, unless it’s a co-authored book like those in The Sexy Series. This means I have to be careful to not bite off more than I can chew. Because T.R. and I are also going to write another series within The Sexy Series, which I’ll reveal once the first books are written.

I’m also outlining another three book story in the LOVE in the USA series. It’s the Narragansett Love Story, starring Sienna Hampton, a brand new character borrowed from a story I wrote ages ago.  I wasn’t as good of a writer as I am now so it’s going to be so satisfying making that story all that it should’ve been back then–although my mom, an avid fan of my work and a serial romance reader, often tells me how much she remembers that story. I think because I wrote it from my pain. I can still write it from that aspect but I know how to evolve my characters now. I feel the same way about the first stories of the LOVE in the USA and Parched series. I’m more evolved. I have language and more insight into Daisy, Belmont, Maggie and Vince. What I mean is that what happens to them is real, when it comes to contemporary people, who don’t live by traditional scripts. They are more apt to follow their hearts and not the scripts in their heads. But it’s the “why” that I finally get. I feel Adore Her, More of Her will be the exquisite bow in which I’ll  wrap Daisy and Belmont’s true HEA (understand that their wedding was NOT their HEA), meaning it’s just not the action that makes an HEA, which are the things we’ve been programmed to believe will makes us happily ever after. A real HEA is only made by people because of how far they’ve truly come in this world, and because of their progress, how far they can truly go as they spend the rest of their lives together while living in their truth. I can’t wait to bring it to you.

However, I haven’t forgotten some of  your favorite characters in the LOVE in the USA series like Monroe, Hannah and Dexter Frampton. A large part of me feels as if I can’t move on to Narragansett before I wrap up their stories. So, I’ll be taking some time to figure out how I’ll do that in the next couple of months. Ideas are already starting to come.

Anyway, so I just wanted to give those that are interested a full report. And yeah… get ready for SAY YOU LOVE ME (CHARLIE & ANGEL) because it here it comes!

Ciao Bella!



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