My New Book “Secrets & Chance (The Sterlings)” is DONE!

Yay! Book one of The Sterling series has been with the editor since last Thursday!

I would post a sample now but the story is just too raw and riddled with mistakes. I want to give you a nice solid chunk of story to feed on so the manuscript is going to have to at least clear the first round of proofing. And let me tell you, I am excited to share this series with you. All of my preliminary sources have said this is my best work yet!  Of course stories are subjective so… But if you want to read a good series that sucks you in, then I think this one is it. You’re going to meet the Sterlings and they are going to be a depiction of what happens when old money meets a new and advanced society. 🙂


Also, I have a confession to make to my readers, and it’s coming soon in a separate post. This confession is going to be very valid to how you read books by me in the future.

Also, just as an update, Secrets & Chance (The Sterlings, book 1) will be released on July 5th along with Revelations (The Sterlings, book 2). Forever and Ever (The Sterlings, book 3) will be released on July  19th.  I’m working on the right covers, which is going to be tougher this time around. I don’t want shirtless men or boney mostly naked women, or covers with the two of them together. I’m tired of that stuff.

Anyway, I can’t make this post too long as I have a LOT of writing to do today. I did however spend a good three days, starting on Friday, doing no work. Friday was the best. We drove to the Anza-Borrego desert in search of wildflowers. Sigh… I’m a desert kid. I’m used to the fields blooming beauty at this time of year but I had to grow up in order to appreciate it. Sigh… Another benefit of aging <3 Then we drove up the through the mountains to Julian to buy apple and cherry pies. There was also this great pizza place. But the drive was just so pleasant it didn’t feel we traveled as many miles as we did. And then the sun descended and we had more pizza in Palm Desert… By bed time my head felt like a vice was clamping down on it from all the pollen and elevation climbing and descending and my stomach was punishing me for eating bad, bad, BAD stuff–like cinnamon gummy bears, chocolate covered mil balls, Jelly Bellies and of course the pizza.  But we had a ball so….

Alright. Until my confession, which will come in a few days 😉

Much Love <3