Tell Me Tuesday…. “What’s Your Favorite….?”

You know what? I’d like to hear from you more often. So I’ve decided to start my own little tradition called Tell Me Tuesday!

But here’s this Tuesday’s question.

I LOVE television…

Btw: Here’s my answer: Game of Thrones!

So tell me, what’s your absolute can’t live without television series, and you can only pick one?


Check out the replies! You just might find your next TV series to binge on here!

Offspring. It’s an Australian TV show that I binged on Hulu and I am in love with it!!!

I have to check this one out! I’ll see if it’s on Netflix.

The Big Bang Theory

My mom really likes this show too!



Never heard of it. Is it an American show? I’ll look it up!


Oh yeah, this was very popular when it was airing. I think it’s in syndication now.

Grey’s Anatomy


Greys anatomy!!!!

That’s two for GA!

I absolutely love Hawaii Five O. That Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) gets my blood pumping and makes my heart rate rise.

Jon Snow makes me feel that way sometimes too! 🙂